Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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Campus Wahala #2 : Room 32, Annex, Republic Hall

I have friends in all 4 or so public universities in the country, and I've asked them for comparisons, so I'm sure when I...

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Adolescence

Dear Elsie, Adolescence is an important transitional period for young people. It is a trying period for many. This period is a time when you...
Campus Wahala

Campus Wahala #1: The Beginning Of The Beginning

We live wildly different lives in university. Sometimes I'm speed walking to lectures, trying not to break into a run because there are nice girls...
Campus Wahala

Campus Wahala # 15: Some Wins, At Last.

Friday evening found me in a position I’d come to know well: staring at my ceiling, taking stock of my life and not liking...

I Will Do My National Service with My Primary School Teacher

Growing up, various teachers and lecturers, formal and informal, played a role in churning me into the fine young lady who is the voice...
Good Mother

#HardGirlBut: Will You Be A Good Mother In Future?

Hey Hard Girl, Happy New Month! I hope June is nice to all of us. Can I get an amen? I trust your week has been...


If you think menstrual pains are a menace, try missing your period I woke up to a sharp pain in my abdomen. Not again. Pitch...

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