The term ‘salvage value’ is usually associated with Accounting. It is used to refer to the price or the value of an asset after its useful span. In other words, it is the value placed on a product after it has outlived its usefulness.

I find this term interesting because it suggests that nothing is worthless irrespective of how worn out or useless it might have become. At worst, assets can be sold as scrap, which then become raw materials after they have been recycled. So when I think about it, I like to put the concept this way – SALVAGE VALUE: nothing is worthless.

Many people at different times in their lives feel worn out, useless and of no value. Everyone feels like this at least at one time in their lives. Some factors that result in such a feeling include making mistakes, feeling disappointed, and experiencing failure too many times.  The most dangerous of the causes of feeling worthless is being told that you are worthless.

Some of the aforementioned factors can be avoided, obviously. But I do not want to spend this time boring you about what is your fault and what is not. I intend to offer a solution – a hope and an encouragement to anyone who is feeling worthless.

If ever you get to a point in life where you think you’re no longer of use to yourself or anybody else; if ever you feel too worn out to continue on the journey of life; if ever you feel disillusioned to pursue anything in life, let this phrase reverberate in your mind: SALVAGE VALUE: nothing is useless.

Think of yourselves as physical assets. Tell yourself that you are not worthless no matter how you feel or no matter how someone is making you feel. Rather, recycle your disappointments, mistakes and failures into raw materials.  Use them. Do not let them be your disadvantage. Let them be your springboard –  your motivation – to attain greater heights.


Don’t give up! Don’t get tired of trying! Push yourself! Delimit! Target! Plan! And commit!

Always have in mind that it’s never too late for you to do something with your life. You are not useless; nothing is.

Even greater than all the above reasons, God does not consider you worthless.That should settle it!



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