“Wait. What?” the nine-year-old boy exclaims. “You mean, you all woke and the disease was no more?” He holds his chin, serving a sweet ‘this-is-incredible’ look with perfection.

“Yes, Stephen. That’s exactly how it happened”. Stanley replies knowing very well that it is difficult for anyone to swallow the information he is sharing.

“It was like waking from a bad dream. It felt real. No. It was real. We know it happened. People lost their friends and families. The damage on some countries was devastating. They are still yet to recover from it – nine years later. But one morning, we just noticed that the thing had vanished into thin air. People were not contracting the disease anymore and all the active case-patients were recovering”.

“Just like that?”

“Yes, my boy. Just like that. Till date, nobody has been able to explain what happened. At least, there isn’t a universally accepted and scientifically proven explanation for it yet. Many people are attributing it to religion and faith. We, the Christians, prayed. God heard us, healed the world and rid it of the deadly virus. Nothing short of a miracle”. Stanley pauses to gulp down a bottle of water.

Stephen is such an inquisitive child. He likes asking a lot of questions. Stanley didn’t believe the young chap could be so curious as his parents touted until this day when the boy engaged him in a conversation about a deadly disease that plagued the world nine years ago. The two were waiting in the car while Stephen’s dad had gone to his office upstairs to pick some documents.

“Mmmm”, Stephen is lost in thought. “So, why do some people call me and my friends who were born in 2020 virus babies? Did we have the disease too?“

Stanley spits out the water he’s drinking. He is shocked by the question that he almost chokes on the liquid.

“Who calls you virus baby?”

“Some of my seniors in school. They laugh at us. Then they tell us to ask our parents what they were doing during the lockdown in 2020”.

Stanley bursts into laughter and picks his phone from the table. He dials a number and waits for the recipient to answer.

“Yo Kossi. Your son wants to know what you were doing during the 2020 Lockdown. Should I tell him?”

“My friend, don’t be silly over there”.

Both men laugh uncontrollably.

Photo: Pinterest