Meeting a guy and getting married three months after is not exactly the way I pictured how my marriage story would pan out. Nevertheless, any time I look back on those three months, I cannot help but think that any young lady would have made the same decision I made – say yes to Super Tommy and live the rest of your life with him.

Growing up, not so many good things happened to me. And when they did, they ended as quickly as Bolt finished a hundred meter dash. So, it was a pure delight when Tommy came into my life and stayed beyond one month. His charm was not about the fact that he lasted longer than any man had been with me; it was because he wasn’t anything like the man I dreamed of. He completely flunked my checklist. Yet, he fulfilled all of my relationship fantasies within those short three months. I say short but they felt like a hundred years.

It was all, for me, a dream until I woke up beside my Tommy in a hotel the day after our wedding. There he was – my hero. Even in his sleep, he was protective of me. His arm was wrapped tightly around me and when I tried to get out of the bed, he held me even tighter. I thought he was awake so I chuckled and bribed him with a kiss on his lips so he would free me. But no, my husband was still in sleep land. A grin spread over my face faster than hot light soup on a ball of fufu. I moved closer to him so he would have my full body in his arms, rested my head on his broad and hairy chest and smiled in appreciation for the man I had married. I slept again.

The real waking up happened when Tommy cut our honeymoon short. Monday. He had to go to work. No! I was disappointed. Again, that’s not how I imagined it. I thought we could spend at least one week together. In fact, I took a whole one month off from work to experience more of the Tommy magic. The reality I woke up to that morning was the most unexpected thing to happen to me.

After Tommy dropped me off at home and left for work that morning, he did not call. Neither did he answer my calls. Throughout the day! Finally, he called around 6 pm to tell me he would come home late. The same thing happened the next day. The day after… And the day after the day after…

Keeping hope alive, I looked forward to the weekend to spend some quality time with my husband but that hope was dashed on Friday night. When Tommy returned from work after 10 pm, he shared the exciting news of a work trip to Barcelona.

The first shock of my married life came when I called Reuben, Tommy’s best friend and the best man at our wedding, who was supposed to drop Tommy off at the airport. I wanted to ascertain my husband’s departure. Reuben was surprised to hear about Tommy’s purported trip. He had no idea about it.

Tommy returned as promised the following Monday. He brought me a golden necklace from the “Barcelona” he went to. I did not ask him about the mix up with Reuben and everything went back to normal. Tommy’s kind of normal. Busy work hours and busy after work hours.

Tommy was becoming stranger by the day. His stories were not adding up. It was one lie after the other. I felt insulted because he took me for a fool and continued to tell me those lies.

I took to thinking. No, I actually took to worrying. I worried about everything. I could not wrap my mind around my husband’s current behavior against the three magical months. He used to text me a million times while at work. He was on a timer to call me three times in a day and we met every night despite the fact we lived at opposite ends of the city. I ranked higher than his work on his scale of preferences. One time, he forwent an interview for his promotion to surprise me on my birthday. I was everything to him and everything else meant nothing to him. The tables turned too quickly. The dream ended too abruptly. And the reality was too creepy.

While at my worrying best, Reuben called at the house one day. He complained bitterly about not seeing Tommy as often as he used to.  I was taken aback by Rueben’s complaint because Tommy stayed away from home a couple of times and said he was with his best friend.

When you have all the time in the world to worry, your mind has no limitations as to the theories it fancies. Worrying paralyzes your senses and exposes your deepest fears. It feeds you suffocating thoughts until the only way you survive is accept those thoughts as your reality. So, I concluded that my husband was a fraud. He put up appearances and went as far as hell to impress me just to make me his wife. He was a liar and I was disappointed in him. I was disappointed at myself too. How could I not have seen beyond his façade? I was too gullible. I could have known he was too good to be true. I rushed into accepting his proposal. I should have given myself more time to get to know him. Maybe, I would have seen the real him. I would not have married him. I would have been free from all this emotional and psychological torture.

My fear was gaining on me by the day. I bumped into Tommy’s boss one day and the elderly man asked about how Tommy and I were faring since Tommy was no longer working with them. The question shook me to the bones that I could not offer a response. The elderly man, assuming he had touched on a sensitive topic, apologized and wished me well. That day, Tommy returned from “work” late again. When I asked for his reason, he claimed he had a board meeting. To hear him lie to my face that blatantly caught my breath in my chest. The experience repeated itself a couple of times because the lie kept echoing in my ears.

It was only one month into our marriage but every day exposed me to an unpleasant part of Tommy. From a better half, he changed to a bitter one. The camouflage was scrapping of his skin in small bits and his real colors were beginning to show. But how would a young lady who was full of hope and faith for her marriage deal with the chameleon she had for a husband in the person of Tommy? Should she stay in the marriage with the hope that things would get better or should she walk?

My dilemma was as bad as Satan looking for a match stick in hell to light a cigarette. Nothing made sense. All I had were questions and damned questions and I was bereft of answers. I continued to worry. This time I worried about myself. I had been short-changed – my innocence and trust had been taken for granted and in return, I got malice and dishonesty. I could not deal any longer. My marriage was a dog’s breakfast!

So at the end of the first month of our marriage, I ended it. One morning, when Tommy left, as usual, for his so-called work, officials from the Bureau of National Investigation called at the house. According to them, Tommy was a person of interest in a cyber fraud case. Yeah, imagine my shock! I saw my whole world crumble before me. Who was this guy that I was married to? I asked another question. One which would not be answered like the many others I had asked already.

I packed my things and left. I could not wait for my unscrupulous husband to return home and tell me another lie. I had had it up to my neck.