Throughout the ages man has had this strong desire to please, laud and transcend love among his fellows as well as onto the other life forms that constitutes a part of this plane of existence. Even with this positive emotion disappointments, heartbreaks, pain and anguish are created along the line, and it only furthers suffering, vanity and bitterness. But in our quest to finding comfort, compensation and self-satisfaction the concept of justice is born.

You and I are not different at all, we each act according to our own sense of justice. The justice I deliver to you would be no different from what someone else would deliver to you, the thought of going through pain has driven us to seek vengeance under the banner of justice, however if there is justice in vengeance then justice will only breed more vengeance and trigger a cycle of hatred, doubts and mistrust.

We are living in the middle of such a phenomena right now, we know what the past has been and we can predict what the future will be depending on what measures we settle on today. That is history as we know it, so we cannot help but believe that man is incapable of understanding his fellows on this planet where we find ourselves.

However, I have this conviction that there will come a time when people can truly understand one another, where goodwill would replace hatred, truth would replace lies and trust would replace doubt. I don’t know how this would be achieved…..maybe LOVE is the key…Not the love portrayed by Hollywood or the love you hear in your favorite jam on the radio but the love that knows empathy, the love that bears a forgiving heart and the love that doesn’t discriminate. 

Henceforth,  we can conclude that forgiveness is the purest form of justice anyone can receive under the banner of true love. We are getting there, to that point where man can truly understand his fellow man not as Afro, Asian or White……but as humanity.

*Inspired by: Masashi Kishimoto

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