I was barely 8 years old and resided in Akapare House whereas she, my bully, was from Waala House.

Everyone called her Kukrudu, for she was far bigger than her age; thick, tall and fat.  Truth was, we were age mates but she could pass for a teenager. And this girl seized every opportunity to bully me. She bullied me in the morning when I went to empty the trash can, she bullied me in class, in fact, anywhere Kukrudu set her eyes on me, she would bully me.

My only hope and saviour was Amina, also from the same house as Kukrudu. She protected me like her very own sister and never allowed anyone raise their hands on me. She even allowed me to play with her used bottles. I loved Amina because she was like my guardian angel on earth. With her around, Kukrudu dared not bully me.

I loved Amina because she was like my guardian angel on earth. With her around, Kukrudu dared not bully me.

But one day, all the students in the school were told to meet at Waala house. Amina lay in a little coffin in the compound, surrounded by family and students from the school.

With a trembling body and a palpitating heart, I rushed out of the house straight to my house and into our veranda. That afternoon,  I cried my little self to sleep.

With Amina now gone forever, who was going to protect me from Kukrudu the bully. I was in constant fear, not knowing when Kukrudu would strike again.  Sometimes, I would fantasize about Amina giving Kukrudu a serious warning to stop making my life a living hell. Oh! If only fantasies came to pass!  And so, the bullying continued, until one day, my eldest brother couldn’t take it anymore.

He told me derisively:
“All your mouth mouth, you can’t do anything!  Everyday she will just catch you and beat you, look, she’s just big. She’s not strong oo, her body is just big k3k3. Let me show you a trick, the next time she’s beating you eh, don’t do anything oo, just bend  down while she’s beating you and pull her legs towards you. She will tumble down like a big sack of yam and then you can beat her and run home”. I took my brother’s advice and memorized it till the next day.

lt was a cloudy morning and my mother had just asked me to go and empty the trash before going to school. On my way, I met Kukrudu who said nothing but pushed the trash can from my head down to the ground and gave me a painful slap on my chubby right cheek. I repositioned myself and hit her back. The look of surprise on her face was priceless!  But she was angry, too.

She started beating the hell out of me.
Then, I remembered what my brother said, “Bend down while she’s beating you and pull her fat legs towards you.”

I bent down while Kukrudu gave me hefty blows on my little body. With all the strength I had in me and fuelled by the pain she had caused me I grabbed her big legs and sharply dragged them through the dusty ground towards me. Lo and behold, the mighty Kukrudu was on the ground!!! I shoved some dirt into her mouth and gave her some hefty slaps in her face before running home with my trash can.

News of the heavy defeat of Kukrudu reached school that day and I was the hero of all the young girls Kukrudu had bullied. She was mocked so bad that she stopped her evil acts.

And that, dear friends, is how another Goliath was defeated by a David!

By: Gifty Awuni Blerk.



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