As a young man, I haven’t any greater wish than the wish to see the world become a better place. I keep asking myself how I could make that happen. Quite frankly, I get frustrated and disappointed sometimes at the fact that I’m doing little or nothing to effect the change I so much desire.

But I’ve found peace! I have realized that though I might not be able to do much about the larger community, I can do something about my small environment.

My world is my most immediate environment – myself, the people and the things around me. As a matter of fact, I am more responsible to the people in this categorization than I am to the everyone on planet earth. But beyond this, I get closer to the path of influencing the entire globe by each step I take in influencing MY WORLD!

My most immediate environment is my primary missionary ground. It would be a shame to disappoint at home and be a star elsewhere. When I look around me, I see a lot of need. I am now more resolute than every to be an agent of change and to brighten the corner I find myself in. Maybe, just maybe, my good works here will go beyond these borders and influence more people. However, if it does not, I have learned to be content with making a lasting impact in one person’s life than being frustrated in changing the entire world.

rule your

I want to encourage everyone reading this that you are worth something. There is something you can offer YOUR WORLD. It could be the smallest and perhaps, most inconspicuous thing like a smile, a greeting or a handshake. Though these will not have a United Nations effect, it would shake one person’s world.

Rule Your World



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