The world yearns for the feminine touch. The touch that changes bad to good; good to better; better to best. The touch that makes things happen. Sadly, those who posses this gift are either unaware of their potentials, or are unable to use it well. Valentine’s Day is over. The number of ladies that messed up is unknown. The number of abortions, complicated pregnancy cases, child and maternal mortality rates would rise again, all because of one night.

After her book launch last year, Mercedes Rowe Asamani is at it again with something greater. With her enviable zeal and passion, you’re in for nothing but the best. I had mixed feelings when on the flier I saw, ‘Panties up’ Conference. “Wow. The brain behind this idea has balls”, I thought.

So I sat down, analyzed and asked the right people the right questions, then I realized I couldn’t agree more with the organizers.

On 18th February, the much anticipated ‘THE PANTIES UP CONFERENCE’ would come off at The Holy Spirit Cathedral, Adabraka, around the Adabraka Psychiatric Hospital. That day would go into the history books as one of the most empowering moments in the lives of participants.

The conference which is under the auspices of the Young African Women Summit in partnership with NUGS WOCOM is themed;

“Raising and equipping the next generation of African women leaders with requisite knowledge and skills.”

Gone are the days when women are relegated to the background; the days when the kitchen was their office. Gone and forgotten are the days when women had no say in decision making. Today, we need women who have the skills, not just beauty, to take charge, and what better way to do this than to sensitize and encourage them to crawl out of their comfort zones. Though some women are doing great, we need more women at the forefront.

In a world where women are still battling with the ‘glass ceiling’ barbarism, there’s the need for sensitization. Scads of women out there are wasting their time, talents and lives because someone or something hinders them. They need the right people – like Ama Duncan – to boost them up. That is what the organizers seek to achieve, not to emasculate the men, but empower the women to do more for the benefit of us all.

Ladies must know that their panties belong up there, around their waists guarding their jewels and not down. It ought to be drilled into the heads of the gullible ones that their gender isn’t to trap men nor lobby their ways through everything. They have what it takes to do achieve greatness without defiling their bodies.

This conference is packed with a lot of goodies, missing it would be a disadvantage.  Resource persons from various facets of life would be there, to equip ladies for the journey ahead. What most of us need isn’t education, since we are doing pretty well in that area, but a push in the right direction. We need to hear the stories of those who have defied all odds to make it.

The first Session is all about empowerment. Get empowered and informed by listening to great speakers; Ama Duncan, Perez Dziwornu, Abena Magis, Patrick Fynn, et. al; talk on key topics ranging from career guidance, financial literacy, family issues, reproductive health, relationship issues and many more.

Session Two would be more practical and fun. All hands and minds would be occupied. You can learn a skill. How cool is that? Basics skills of all kinds – bead making, soap and detergent making, weave fixing, professional make up tips – at a very affordable rate. Wonp3 wei na wop3 d3n? Make the most out of it while you still can.

Now to my favorite part of the show, the side attractions. What do they have for us? Item 13 is very necessary. Certificates + Cocktail session. So we’re not only going to treat our throats with drinks, but boost our CV’s. We also get to socialize, make friends and business partners.

Did I say guys are invited? Now I have. The good news is, the doors are open to anyone interested, males and females. So you can come along with your friends and spouses. You don’t want to miss it for anything else.

The time is 12 pm GMT, not ‘Ghana Man Time’, but the real GMT. Let’s meet at The Holy Spirit Cathedral, Adabraka, you won’t regret it. Remember, we’re raising and equipping the next generation of all African women leaders – literates and illiterates, students and non-students, rich and poor, leaders and intending – with requisite knowledge and skills. Don’t be left out.



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