Three days ago, July 18, 2017, the president of the republic of Ghana met selected members of the press at the flagstaff house. His aim was to address issues on concerning campaign promises made by the NPP as well as their activities in the first 6 months in power. He met them to brief them on achievements and challenges since his assumption into office in January 2017. Personally, I think it was a smart move to invite the media. In a way, they attempted to be accountable to the people who voted them into power through the media.

One individual that refused to be a wallflower at the interaction with the president is Bernard Avle of Citi FM. Even after the event, he continued to be on the lips of all who witnessed his turn to question the president. Over the years, his reputation in the media industry has grown beautifully, and he lived up to his name.

Bernard Avle is an award-winning Ghanaian broadcast journalist and public speaker. He is the current host of Citi FM’s morning show and doing a great job at it. It will interest you to know that a guy who is making strides in the media industry does not have a degree in Journalism. He studied Economics. So here comes the question; How did he achieve this feat? What distinguishes him from the masses?

Life is a race. You are either the pursuer or the ‘pursuee’. We chase after promotion, better salary, fame, success and recognition. It is however worthy to note that to achieve these feat, you must stand out. You must have some qualities that make you unique.

Below are a few pointers I believe can make anyone standout like Bernard

Start It Now; Start It Right

The determining step for success is the beginning. You do not need colossal amounts of money to start. All you need is the right attitude. Wrong start crashes the dream of many a young person who desire success. There is no perfect time, place and tools to begin; just start.

Be Ambitious

It is not automatic you have a background in your chosen field to be a pro. Ambition coupled with passion and hard work equals the success you desire.  It is not enough to be smart, you must have the zeal and know how to use it to your benefit.

Be Ready to Learn

As man is not the preserve of all knowledge, it is paramount that you learn, unlearn and relearn from others to be a better version of yourself. It is not easy to ask for help, especially from someone who will rub it in your face or is lower in rank. You are what you learn; the more you learn, the less uninformed you are.

Take Risks

A good friend, Nesta Erskine, once said, ‘out of quantity comes quality.’ As you take risks you amass quality experience. You can only hone your expertise to become versatile and well-rounded worker, if you practice more. Do not be afraid to take calculated risks. Even when you fail, you learn a lesson or two. Take risks.

Be yourself; A Trendsetter

A lot of folks wish they were their neighbours. Therefore, they begin to dress, walk and speak like them; neglecting their uniqueness. The job market is daily becoming competitive, employers will not hire people who have the same strengths and weaknesses. Monotony is bad for business. Be an ardent follower of you and no one else. What works for another may be your doom; Do you. Be you.

Be Humble

Humility does not make you any less human. It makes you a superhero. One who though has a lot going on for them does not allow such successes to cloud their judgements. One of such people is Kobina Ansah. Wherever you find yourself, treat others the same way you will have them treat you. Apologize when you go wrong and forgive when you are offended.

Be Tolerant

Tolerance is the positive and cordial effort to understand another’s beliefs, practices and habit without necessarily sharing or accepting them – Joshua Liebman.

The world will be boring if everyone thinks and behaves like you. Give room to accommodate the excesses of others, just as others will do you. It takes away unnecessary friction.

Listen More Than You Talk

To talk is a human trait, but to listen is a virtue. Develop the virtue of listening to the views and thoughts of others. Listening more than speaking has benefits scads of people miss. You want others to listen to you when you speak, listen to them more.

Be Confident

Confidence is a state of mind and can be achieved through conscious effort. Believe in yourself, even when you do not feel like it. Know that, at a point in your professional life, you will experience the imposter syndrome. Where you feel like all your achievements and failures were clocked by sheer luck or by imitating a pro. To overcome this, remind yourself of your accomplishments. Remind yourself that you achieved it all by yourself, and not anyone. Another way to feel confident is to dress well. When you dress good, you feel good.

Interestingly, this question, “What makes you prominent among your peers?”, is asked of many interviewees. The employers seek to recruit the best and all rounded workers for the organization. To be the best, stand out. Capitalize on your strengths and make your weaknesses work in your favour.

Good Luck.