It’s a NEW day!

I have been super excited about this morning. I wondered why until I gathered that it is the thrill of starting a new job that has made me excited. As I considered how differently I did everything this morning, compared to all other mornings, I came to an interesting conclusion.

I have become used to sleeping and waking up every day that I no longer see the newness in each day unless something I consider “significant” is happening on a particular day. Having life every morning has become mundane such that I feel indifferent about it. I feel that the world owes it to me to be in it every day hence it is blessed to have me. These are not things I tell myself when I wake up every day but with the blessing of hindsight, I am beginning to see how haughty I actually am. It’s sad.

The result of this is that, first, I am ungrateful – ungrateful for all the “normal” mornings, or days. Then, I also realized that because of my attitude towards the “ordinary” new days, I do not pay attention to all the new things those days bring – the new opportunities to take, people to meet, lessons to learn… and even challenges to overcome. All these things I miss out on.

The Bible says in Lamentations 3:22 – 23 that, “…for His [God’s] compassions never fail. They are new every morning”. The greatest thing we lose in considering some days mundane is the blessings that God has packed in those days for us.

Every day is a gift from God. If we are alive today, we must be grateful to the giver of life. Then, we must accept the gift of the new day, making the most of all the new things it brings.

Each day is special. Let’s keep it special.



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