“Wasted Time = Wasted Years = Wasted Life”


“Yes, this is better.”

“No, it sounds funny.”

“Oh, stop it already.”

“Just go on and just write or type.”

This is not a discussion with a friend. This is one between a writer and her mind. It’s that tough… deciding on what to write when all kinds of ideas are dancing your native traditional dance moves in your head. But hey, Stanley Toddison (writer for www.philadelphiawrites.co) often says, “we’re going to do it anyway”.

So, here is to doing it anyway; definitely not anyhow.

On December 31, I was in church very early for our watch night service. I practically spent the whole day there, now that I think about it since God decided to make the last day of the year a Sunday. Whoosh! What a marathon day it was.

Many people came as was the norm and trust me if you had come to church regularly all the 364 days of the year and made a mistake of coming late on that 365th day, you will sit outside far far away because the place was packed. I don’t know who we are lying to but we thank God that God saves every day.

The time the congregation was waiting for was slowly creeping in. I watched the big clock at the far end of the church hall, not that I could clearly see. I was squinting to see what time it was when thankfully our Reverend took over and mentioned that it was 10 mins to the new dawn. The whole place erupted into “kabaya”, “sonkatali” “kimokosotoli” and variants of God’s names; various requests, cries, shouts, loud voices and the likes.

Today of all days, I was quiet. I just smiled and slowly prayed – mostly silent prayers. Maybe it was because I was exhausted or because we had come early on to pray. I just couldn’t figure out why but I did pray how much I could as enabled by the Holy Spirit.

Then the lights went off!

No, it wasn’t dumsor on New Year’s Eve. For some reason, in my church when it’s 11:59 PM, someone turns the lights off. It has become a tradition. Immediately the clock strikes 00:00 AM, our Reverend Minister gives a shout, announces our grand entry into the New Year and the church goes ecstatic. It is a joy, isn’t it?

Who wouldn’t be? It’s a new year, God had been faithful and seeing us through another twelve months of various things. Some did not live to see it so we must be grateful.

The music ministers took over the microphones and began to sing praises to herald the new beginning. I am a member of the choir but this time I couldn’t join in, I just observed. The younger guys run up and down the front section, some girls gyrated their bodies with new moves reminding us of what they had gone to learn in the SHS. We no bore. It’s all part of the education – a very comprehensive education.

Then it occurred to me. It wasn’t exactly a revelation like John had to put together in that I fearful book of Revelations but it was quite an experience. It dawned me that many of us are wasting our lives and this depletion goes on and on until we reach the 365th day like we did on December 31 and the cycle starts again.

We wake up and go through the motions. Can you imagine what we could have done with all the time that we spent idling about, looking through galleries of pictures on social media among other frivolities we waste our lives on? That time could have been spent learning a short course on Alison.com; we could have a certificate in something even if it is Space Dondology, if there ever is anything like that.

In this year, starting from when you chance on this article, let’s try something: set a timer anytime you get on any of your social media pages and measure the time between logging in and when you log off. Sorry, these days, we don’t even log off. I meant when you get off. Then, take stock of the things you did with that time. Did you learn something new, contribute to an important discussion, get a needed comic relief… anything substantial that adds value to your life? Social media has pluses and minuses. Be careful that you are using it for the positive reasons.

Time is the stuff life is made off. This why I can boldly tell I have been wasting my life if I realize there are some time wasters in my life.

Be conscious of what you spend most of your time doing each day. Every evening, sit and ask yourself how you spent your day, note all the activities down then ask your beautihandsome self (my word and yes, I’m allowed) where most of the days’ time went. We all know you don’t spend the 8 or 12 hours at work as you should. That will help to identify what consumes your lifetime and then decide if it was worth it.

Surely, take some time to relax, have fun and goof around but do yourself a great favour and don’t make your life all about the not-the-real-deals. Cut back on time wasters because essentially, you are wasting this beautiful and fleeting life of yours.

For us who believe in God, we have an account to give of this life we have been given. Imagine you are asked what you did on earth on the Great day, the math is done and it comes out that you spent forty years of your life facebooking, snapchatting, instagraming, tweeting and all those by force verbs we use to describe our social media activities.

I particularly shudder when I come across Ephesians 5:15 which states “Be careful then as you live not as unwise but wise making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.” A clear-cut admonishment to not waste our time knowing that there are many ways by which we can unknowingly waste our life here on earth.

I’m sure that you have realized that after all the cross/jump/walkovers, we are already in the 3rd week of January, our dearest longest month. It will not be long and then we will be back at the threshold of another year. Would it have been another wasted year? We shall wait and answer this question at the right time.

Join me, let’s raise a glass and toast to a new year of doing things right, a new year of putting some respect on time, a new year of making the most of our lifetime.

Welcome to Mundae Munch. My fingers talk too much but hey this journey will be fun, I write, you read, together we build a purposeful life through literature.


~ Amakuor – Excellence Personified.