On Thursday 13th July 2017, Sai Wine, Accra’s exclusive wine and champagne cafè, shall be hosting a wine tasting session in partnership with Global brand Pernod Ricard’s Martell Cognac.

Martell Cognac, is becoming a leading cognac within Ghana and their current ongoing campaign doesn’t allow the brand to further penetrate the market.

Sai presently offers its guests a limited selection of spirits on the premise that cognacs also are produced from grapes like wine and champagne. However, due the businesses strive to front wines as its main offerings, plus ease away from the idea of being a bar in people’s minds, options are few. Sai Wine Events & Membership Manager stated ‘When we first opened Sai we had a no spirits, no beer policy. Our customers supported us with the no beer policy but twisted our arm for us to strongly consider spirits. Since we have been selling spirits we have come to realize that it greatly compliments wine drinkers and doesn’t take anything away from our business model’.

This Thursday, Martell’s local, yet wonderfully French, brand ambassador Maxime Alazard shall be taking guests through the history of the distillery, how the brand came about and what distinguishes Martell from other cognac brands. There afterwards, guests shall be taught how to enjoy a perfect glass of cognac.

‘All too often we assume that to drink is to open our mouths and gulp. Within our environment we are never taught how to enjoy a great beverage, therefore we fail to appreciate a drink for what it is. Our wine and cognac tasting sessions, allow consumers to be educated and refined drinkers ensuring that no matter where they go around the world they are learned about great quality beverages’ stated Sai’s Events & Membership Manager.

The upcoming Martell Cognac Tasting event is open to the public as Sai embarks on its objective to encourage ‘cognac enthusiasts’ and aspirational professionals to learn about the world of Cognac.

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