It was cold. The sun was nowhere to be found and in its stead, the lonely moon had risen. Everything was quiet. Everything was serene. In this darkness, we sat. Under the big tree, we sat looking at each other’s face.

I had tears in my eyes and so did she. We sat still and stared with our tear-drenched eyes into each other’s eyes. She came closer; her lips almost touched mine but her head slowly diverged. She held me. Her hands coiled around my body.

I could feel her heart beat. I could hear her breath; however, I was just frozen to the spot. Not knowing what to do nor what to say to make it right. Inside me, it felt both right and wrong. I was confused!

Nancy. That was her name. I had known her for almost a year. She was the epitome of beauty. One that only Picasso would be worthy of sketching if Da Vinci was busy. She carried an aura that would take only the devil to ignore.

To top it all, she had a great character. It is funny how we met the perfect people at imperfect times. If only I had met her before I set out on the path of love.

Maybe, the story would have been different. Maybe, I wouldn’t be lost as what to do next. I wouldn’t be faced with this choice.

The rains had fallen in the afternoon. It was a May Day so that meant no work. If it hadn’t been for her call, I would have slept for almost 12 hours straight.

After the normal pleasantries were exchanged, she asked if I would be able to meet her later. I wanted to decline but the thoughts of her hugs and if I am lucky maybe a kiss made me forget how cold the weather was and the ground which would be wet and slippery.

I liked her a lot and I always thanked the stars for bringing her to me when my life was almost in shreds. She was the light that drove away the darkness that threatened to choke me. I always remember the day I met her.

I was a mess when I met her.  I had been wrongfully accused of raping a co-worker. Even my fiancée had sided with my accusers.

I didn’t blame them so much because I would have done worst if I were in their position. They found my accuser and me in a compromising posture; my trousers were down and her blouse was torn. To the onlookers, the evidence was so clear.

The truth is that she dragged me into the female washroom and pulled my pants down. In my attempt to break free from her harassment, she tore her clothes. But who believed my account?

No amount of words could argue my case and so I was fired immediately. But for some elderly guys who put in a word for me, the case would have been sent to the police.

Those were dark times. No job, nothing. And then many days after, something unexpected happened – something magical and only plausible in Disney world.

I bumped into Nancy. She was my junior back in Pharmacy school. After I relayed my story, she believed me. She talked to her boss and helped me secure another job.

It is said, that the past is a big and far away world on its own and its grip on the future can never be lost. No matter how hard you try to bury it, it rears its head. I was getting ready for a date with Nancy when a strange number called.

It was Hilda, my ex-fiancée. She said my former employees have searched for me everywhere to ask for forgiveness and if possible, come back to work for them because it had been found out that it was all a wrong accusation and that the lady had confessed.

I knew that was not the only agenda she called to discuss with me. And I was right. She wanted me back. She cried on the phone and begged for my forgiveness saying because the evidence was so clear there was nothing she could do.

My happy day ended. I still loved Hilda like hell. Every bone and fabric in my body were calling out to her but I had come to love Nancy too. And that was why our perfect night, a night I was thinking of proposing to her, ended.

I told her what was bordering me, after nagging about for the most part of the evening why I was moody. I broke into tears and so did she. Leaving us as the story started.

I whispered into her ears the words I didn’t think I could muster. The hug she gave me carried in it all the answers I needed.

The tears in her eyes and the sobs registered strongly on my mind pulling the strings of my moral compass bringing me home. She was the angel who believed in me when no one else would.

She was the sunshine in my darkness and I would be an ungrateful person if I left her for someone who stopped believing because of what was. I knew I loved her now and she was someone I could be with.

“I love you”. I whispered. I felt her arm slowly moving from around me. She stared right into my eyes. Blew her nose and wiped her tears from her eyes. She looked even prettier this way.

Then she also whispered, “I love you too.” Then the noses collided. Then the lips met. The best kiss I ever got. I was felt very happy.

So, with our hands still held together, our eyes meeting the gaze of the other, we sat still in love. No one made any move. It was late but time froze.

The only real thing was our beating hearts, tear-drenched face, and the question, what next?

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