We laid the green grass on the windward side of the hill covered. We sank in the sweet aroma and candy stench carried on the wings of the wind. It was both appealing and suffocating – the aroma of the freshly mowed grass. Tonight, however, was not about the grass. It was about quaffing whatever juice love could squeeze out of Betty.

It was a perfect and beautiful night under the stars. I could see the constellations rearranging to form a man and a woman holding arms. This was my cue that everything, even nature was in support of what I was about to do. Nature was finally siding with me that I should be happy.

With her by my side and our hearts beating together and our minds thinking of things mom and dad would find offensive, I knew I was no longer on earth. I was somewhere, anywhere but earth. The emotions were rioting inside me. I did not know what to do. Like the thousand legions of white war horses of the sea waves lapping at my hearts beach, thoughts of how the night should proceed galloped through my mind.

A feather tossed left and right in the wind. My mind was like that feather. I had no control of which direction my thoughts took me. I was mossed with Betty’s beauty and love. I never thought I had the strength to face her for over two hours.

I had to tell her something. Tonight was the night. Tonight was my night. But then again. I did not want to spoil the night. I was a loner and she was perfection; hewn from the threads of Venus’s chain-stitch machine.

I moved closer to Betty. My gaze caught hers. She smiled and looked at me too. The silence between us froze the moment. I swear I saw my future those beautiful brown balls. An immeasurable ecstasy filled heart.

I knew then that the time was ripe. I held her hand and whispered the words that have been tossing in my mind for most of the night.

“Betty, will you like to grow old with me?”

She was silent. Her smile stood on her face like a stamp. She fluttered her eyelids and shyly pulled a strand of her hair. I could see her blush. The effect of my words. Why stop now? I changed into second gear.

“When I met you, I met my destiny. You’ll always be my one true love. If you feel the same, and I truly hope you do, there’s something very important that I want to ask of you. Instead of “you” and “I,” Let’s become “we.” I’m asking you to share my life. Many mansions I do not have, nor do I have cars or any other thing of affluence. I can’t promise you heaven on earth. All I can promise you is my life. I will love you, protect you and make you the best we can ever be. Be my girlfriend?”

The response was no different. Silence. Shyness. And a broad smile. I began to sweat.

“Awww… hmmm, Jay. I don’t even know what to say. I…”

“Hey… don’t be obliged to give me an answer now”, I cut in.

“Okay, then I will think about it and give you the answer on Saturday.” She said.

No one spoke again. Silence and hope engulfed the atmosphere.

To be continued next week.