This story is a sequel to last week’s Love, Smiles, Poetry & Hope. Read this first before go on. Enjoy.

From the first day I met Betty, I knew she was the one.  She was an angel. She was flawless. Everything about her was lit. The first thing I noticed about her was how her eyes smiled. Then, she spoke. Once did she speak, but thrice did I hear it. Fear gripped me immediately. I knew I had found another object of worship – a goddess who may compete for God’s place in my life.

We became close friends easily and it true to my fears, I wanted more than that. I wanted her – all of her; nothing withheld. I wanted to be able to freely worship her knowing that I was the only worshipper in her temple – just me!

Therefore, I was excited about Saturday. The day Betty was scheduled to give me feedback on my proposal. The seven days between the day I proposed and this fateful are the most difficult days I have had to live on earth. I shuttled between life and death throughout that one week with the overdose of emotions and feelings flowing through my body. I was excited, happy, afraid, anxious, cold, warm, angry, sad… name the feeling and I had at least four of them at any given day.

Finally, Saturday came. I woke up a morning that had every prospect to be special. The sky was adorned with the smiling sun and jaunty birds gliding down from up on high. The first rays that hit my tired yet happy eyes were enough to tell me that the day would be great.

Though slower than usual, the earth rotated on its axis gradually transitioning the day from morning to evening. I was too jittered keep calm so busied myself with nothing and everything. I went to the florist and got some nice flowers for Betty, I called a restaurant and made a reservation for us.  An angel like Betty deserves a heaven and I wanted her to know that I am the best architect to build her heaven starting with the night I had planned for us.

Despite everything, I was doing my heart was not at peace. Betty did not answer any of my calls the whole day. Maybe, she was playing games with me. Game or no game, the suspense was daunting and haunting. At 4 pm, I had had enough of her games. We agreed to meet at the restaurant at 6 pm but I could not take the silence from her end anymore. I called her mum and dad but nobody answered the call. That heightened my paranoia and I headed straight for the Aidoos.

There was an eerie atmosphere when I arrived at Aidoos. The house was unusually quiet. There were no cars in the compound, the dogs, Ruky and Ruffy were not in sight to welcome him their fearful barks. Worst, K. K., the security man was not at post.

My heart sank when I noticed that the door knob was broken. The door screeched when I opened it. A cold air welcomed me into the room.  The room was empty but for a few broken glasses and family portraits still hanging on the wall. I stopped for a minute and studied the state of the room for what could have happened. The possibilities scared me. I started feeling cold.

I climbed the stairs to Betty’s room. She was not there. Her room did not seem touched. It was like the last time I saw it. Her phone was even on the bed. I checked it and all my calls and messages recorded as unseen or unread. What has happened here. The rate of my heartbeat increased astronomically. It felt like my heart wanted to pop out of my chest. I held it with one hand to prevent that from happening.

My mind was blank. I did not know what to do. I stood there and watched the space for what seemed like an eternity. I heard someone call my name and that woke me up from my deep thought. However, when I turned, there was nobody there.

I walked out of Betty’s room and went to her parent’s. That was when I saw them. All three of them – lifeless with blood splattered across the room. My head spun, my feet wobbled, my heat pounded, my stomach churned, then my eyes fluttered. The fluttering continued for a while. I noticed that I was losing my focus on the objects seeing. Everything started blackening… little by little… And I blacked out.