~ by Kwame Boye

Depression is struggling to get out of bed each morning. Depression is the voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough. Depression is the inability to perform even the simplest of tasks. Depression is not being able to feel any highs or low just a constant state of numbness. Depression is the inability to find enjoyment in anything you do. Depression is faking how you feel every day just to make people believe you are okay when you are not.

When you are fighting depression it is a silent battle. No one else sees how much you are fighting; no one else knows the inner pain and turmoil like you do, and that battle is real and the most difficult.

The mental pain is more excruciating than physical pain but it is more common and difficult to bear. Concealing this pain makes it harder to bear thus victims get to the edge and inflict harm or worse harbor suicidal thoughts.

A man tried jumping off a building just last week!! Sadly we have failed to notice that this silent killer is among us. We have resorted to laughing about the situation and creating great “memes”. We have failed to understand that something should be done! Many of our friends are suffering silently, dreading alienation from those of us who fail to understand how much they are battling.

I did lose a friend to depression; he only talked to me about it only when I admitted to him what I was going through. I did not at any one time anticipate that phone call from his mother that Kwesi was no more – he was found dead in his room. Apparently, he committed suicide through ingestion of poison.

Let us be more vigilant with the people around us – our friends and family. Let us try talking to them more and accept who they are.

I’m not afraid to say I have once been there. Talking with someone who listened without judgement has helped me a lot more than the people who helped me realize.

I’m now at a better place but I can still remember those dark times which are not yet over but clouds in the desert appear once in a while. There are many out there and your listening, non-judgemental ear might just save a life or change a life. Remember that many are sick, but only a few show the outward symptoms.



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