Life is a transition. The only way to skip a step is death.

Earlier this month, I spent a lot of time in the hospital. My grandmother had some complaints that needed immediate attention. Being the first wife of a polygamous man who punished her till his death for being reluctant to marry him, she tilled the land apportioned to her to educate her kids. During her hay days, she was likened to a bulldozer due to her ability to do more than the strength and passion of other women will allow them.

One look at her and you will not guess she is the Ruth who despite trials and disappointments fought all odds to make her children what they are today. Their children; my siblings, cousins and I owe her our thanks. We may not be where we aspire to be, but we have a long way from the bank to rest on our oars. When we get there, she would feature in our appreciation speech.

With a gentle touch, she softly uttered, “Rho, I am being a burden to you. Who would have thought I would be dependent on others?’ As I ruminated on these words, I dreaded who I will become in the next 50 years. Should my lifestyle and attitude remain unchanged today? Will I be comfortable in my old age? Will I be proud of the life I live today? Who will you be? Will people attend to you when your anal sphincters fail to be disciplined?

The only way to escape aging is to die early. Anytime we play with her flabby arms, she tells us we would also get there. It is a natural occurrence hence requires strategies to ensure your comfortability when it catches up with you. When does life start? When you are born or when you clock 40? Your life today will determine your life tomorrow. To avoid back aches and spine malalignment, you will need a cushion. I believe my granny’s is the comfiest there is.

Right from the day she was married off, she knew she had to do well, whatever her hand found to do.   She continued life from where she left off after she got married. Life does not start after marriage. Your life should start now for the next second may be too late. She put her kids through school even when she had nothing; A palpable excuse to engage the kids on her farm. Today, she lives like a queen. She paid the price to be comfortable today Countless retirees work tirelessly, not to occupy themselves but to earn money. Grind today and reap results tomorrow.

My grandmother is very frugal. Till this day and age, we find money hidden all over the house. She believes money earned should not be lost to frivolities. Saving for retirement is crucial and of utmost importance. Old age is not the time to go through the hassle of labour taking a toll on your health.  Make sure you have enough money to cover your medical bills also. You must have money stashed away to keep you comfortable when life’s transition has taken its course.

My grandmother loves fruits. Seriously, this love for fruits is one I would wish everyone can develop. We are entitled to all things, but not all things edify the body and soul. Your lifestyle today determines your health tomorrow. You cannot enjoy old age if you frequent the hospital. As we age, our body processes alter. Some acts we thought we got away with, will come back haunting. Exercise regularly. As much as you have heard it time and again, the benefits of regular exercise cannot be over emphasized. Eat healthily, stay active, have a hobby and quit taking alcohol, drugs and smoking.

Additionally, time, money and strength will be of immense benefit if used properly. Social media has cunningly robbed us of our childhood, adulthood and family as well as our livelihood. We would rather be on the phone all day chatting virtual friends than spending time with the family. The money we make is drained by frivolous living without thinking about the future. One thing I learned from my granny is to make wise decisions as often as possible.

The love of money has made the love people have for their family to wax cold.

That you provide everything for your kids does not make you the parent of the year. It is unnerving to think about not being able to take care of yourself, perform basic activities, but it will happen anyway. Your money is not enough, garnish it with your time and love. The time and love you invest today, you will reap tomorrow. It will be a pity if you grow old without close family members to clean your mess. Wise up.

From my view, I can boldly say my grandmother is fulfilled. Fulfillment is relative. To some, it is watching on while their grandchildren run around. To others, it is living life to the fullest. Whatever your definition of fulfillment is, your desire should be realized at the end of the day. The only way to be happy and satisfied is to stay true to yourself. Find your purpose today, fear no limitations for they are there to keep you on your toes.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, do it with your might, and the future in mind.

I am renewed, resolved to be proud of myself. I will go the extra mile to be fulfilled. What know about you? I am going to make several changes. I love me too much to disappoint.

Let us age gracefully, together.