Ex-pastor and popular Ghanaian highlife artiste, Rev Ofori Amponsah earlier today expressed his shock at how some people are judging him based on his recent actions.

The award-winning musician burnt his music books and CDs in July 2012, claiming to have

received the call of God. Strangely, he immediately started a church without any prior experience or training and named it Family of Faith and Love Ministries. When asked why he rushed to start a church instead of taking his time to grow in the faith, he replied, “My brother, do you want me to starve? Highlife or no highlife, man must chop wai.”

Attendance at his church was impressive, with many men and women trooping in just before the ‘praises and worship’ session on Sundays and leaving just before the sermon. One woman was asked about this observation. She told us, “Please, the Bishop himself leads the praise and worship session and I can feel the angels descending when he holds the microphone. But some of the angels look like Amakye Dede though.”

Just a few days ago, Pastor Ofori Amponsah announced his return to secular music, the same kind of music he criticised three years ago. He released a hit single, ‘Alewa’ with fast rapper, Sarkodie and announced his resignation from church work soon after.

The reactions were varied. Rev. Lord Kenya, who also gave up secular music to be a man of God, was shocked. He stated that he had organised many crusades and revivals with Pastor Ofori Amponsah and that he did not believe what he was hearing. He concluded that the man was under spiritual attack. However, Tic Tac, an old friend of Pastor Ofori Amponsah and also a musician had a different opinion. When asked for his take on the matter, Tic Tac smiled and said, “Oh, Ofori and I have done a lot together so when he told me he was a pastor, I laughed because I know him well. I knew he would return home to where he belongs; home to highlife. I’m glad he’s back now. Welcome back bro.”

Founder and Leader of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare who has over 40 years’ experience leading over 500 churches opined that Ofori Amponsah should have been trained well before entrusting a church into his hands. He added that making someone a pastor over a church without giving the person sound training is a sure banker for self-destruction.

When Kos.s.i Radio called Brother Ofori Amponsah to ask him about what he had to say to the public, he got angry and retorted, “Massa, all those trying to call me a bad name are hypocrites! Mr. Producer, have you not done some before? In fact, all those pointing fingers at me, haven’t all of them done some before? Give me a blake!”

Our ears are on the ground and we promise to bring you updates on the issue as and when they come up!


Disclaimer: This article is a satire/spoof news publication.

© Kossi Akplah 2015




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