Happy new year, folks.

It is my prayer that all God’s plans for you this year are rolled out without any delays.

It is another year and #HardGirlBut continues. Last year was tough but I managed to make it out unscathed. I am aiming at 52 posts this year. So help me God to be faithful to my column and readers.



“Like, comment, share or I die.”

Today, for many people, social media reactions have become more important than our basic needs.  In school, we were taught that every drug, including water, has a side effect or two. It is intriguing, though, that the men who push medicines in trotros attempt fool passengers that their drugs have no side effect. SMH!

Being tall or short has its perks and downsides. Being fair makes you noticeable. But, it also makes any blemish on you have more noticeable. In extension, everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. Okay, enough of the digressing verbal diarrhea. To the reason for this write-up.

What are your thoughts on social media?

I will tell you my thoughts. I cannot totally thrust social media in the trash. It is not the best thing that happened to me all my life. It’s not the worst either.

So where does it fall?

Let’s go back to my first paragraph.

Like everything else, social media has its downsides and upsides.  Social media has been incorporated into our daily lives that we are oblivious to its influence on us, positively and negatively.

Have you sat down to imagine how different life will be without social media? Charley, I do not want to know how it will be.

I have met great people here. I did not meet the 2eweboys in my dreams. I did not contribute to two published books and one in the pipeline by bumping into the right people at the marketplace. I met all of them here on social media. You, my readers, are seeing this because of social media and I am grateful to you for reading this article. Kindly share with others. Thank you. Therefore, it will be hypocritical of me to say social media has no perks.

With the profitable side of social media dealt with, let’s talk about the ugly side, shall we?

Here, almost everyone has the perfect face or figure. Filters have made the ideal face a reality and no longer a dream. These days, the hashtags #NoFilter, #NoMakeup and many others have become compliments. We are as fake as a three Ghana Cedi note. These days, when you manage to post a picture of yourself in a “Watchman’s Wife Hairstyle”, you are bold.

Everyone is an honour student on social media. There’s no room for rewriters and failures who are ready to correct their mistakes. Our timelines are flooded with graduation pictures and awards. If you are not part of them, then you are aimless and hopeless. Here, you’re sent to the gallows when you make a grammatical error. Not to say that we should not correct mistakes, constructively. It is normal to tease friends when they make mistakes. That, however, does not give you the right to make them feel dejected so much that they are unable to make posts.

When I began writing, I had a fear. The fear of making mistakes as a writer. What will my readers say about me? Will prolific writers think I am a disappointment to all writers? Will I be able to write like so and so? All these thoughts got to me. So, although I wrote frequently, I hardly made posts. Because I feared criticisms. I am still a convalescent person. I am learning to realize that perfection is a mirage but with quantity, I can achieve excellence. You, too, should do same.

On social media, Akple, Banku and Kokonte are extinct. When you reach out behind the screens, you’ll be shocked to see that the gentility portrayed on social media is a sham. Listen, only about 0.1% of the approximated 28,000,000 Ghanaians eat all the exotic cuisines we see on social media, every day. All the others, you and me, eat local dishes. Never be intimidated when you see those pictures.

It is not a wonder people pay others to take pictures of them in limos and aircrafts, just to show others they have been out of the country. I am not against showing a happy side of you. I show much fun part of my life. But meet me and you would be disappointed to see my boring quiet part. You should be true to yourself. Do not project who you are not or what you do not have on social media because you want validation from people.

The dark side of social media is frightening. Apart from its addictive side, social media use causes anxiety, depression, eating disorders, irritability and low self-esteem.

This year and beyond, do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Live life one day at a time. Your life is not dependent on how I, your role model or crush live our lives. You drown yourself in depression if you do so. Uber or Trotro; airplane or Okada; Kantamanto or pricey boutiques; Hollandia or Sobolo; they all achieve the same results. If you have the money, by all means, spend. If you do not, live within your means. Do not go broke trying to impress. There’s more to life than slaying.

So, the next time you feel depressed about being imperfect, remember this; No one is perfect. We only strive for excellence. The next time you think your dresses are not trendy, know that some folks borrow dresses just to make you feel insecure. They even go further to take pictures wearing clothing that will not follow them to their houses.

No likes, no comments and no shares, but you still rock. ‘Cos you’re real!

Until next week, I am Able Delalie, the hard girl; I am more than a thousand miles away from perfection. I have irritating pimples and black spots. I make grammatical errors. I do not have everything at my disposal, I go broke sometimes. I do not own a car. I have not gone outside the country before, not even Togo, although I have been to the airport lots of times. I have not figured out what I want to do with my life yet. Please do not castigate yourself when you see my posts and pictures. I am human like you. I do not have it all.