Hi Guys,

It is the third week in January and I feel like going back to my bad habit. The withdrawal symptom is so strong; I feel like defaulting. Staying clean is hard. But I promised you guys 52 posts this year. So here is my third post for the year.



Who loves Hausa Koko? I do. Some people hate it for the same reason I like it, because after a few hours, I get hungry. Today’s post is not about the fact that Hausa Koko may contain cyproheptadine or some other appetite stimulant. It would be a good research topic though; identifying which ingredient in the porridge gives it its appetite stimulant property.

From my place of abode to my work place is short, just about 5- 10-minute walk depending on how busy the main road is.  Guess what… The route is occupied by 5 Hausa Koko sellers. That is 1 minute 1 seller. Amazing thing is after every working day, I meet empty sheds. No food, no seller. This can only mean they all sold their food.

I have heard stories of people who had great ideas and the ability to implement them yet they gave up on their dreams. They gave up not because the dreams were not feasible. It was also not because they lacked passion or skills.  They gave up because they were intimidated by the number of people doing similar things. They were intimidated by the successes of others. Self-doubt gained fertile ground in their minds. Even before they began, they condemned themselves.

The world has tons of writers and authors than we can count; young and old, great and small. Narrowing it to 2eweboys.com, we have Nana Quoffi, Elikem, Kossi, Fathiya, Kwame Boye and Kweku. Not forgetting the Campus Wahala Columnist, Xavier, Lateepha and yours truly. This does not mean that there is no room for another writer on the team or anywhere else. So, I can talk about other writers – Stanley Toddison, Ebenezer Ace Sarfsch and Kofi Seffah – who also write. There’s therefore no reason for you who is reading this to give up on your passion because someone else or many other people are doing it. You dey do yourself.

The mentality of saying there are lots of people doing this so it is better I don’t venture, will make you lose out on the good side of life. There is nothing new under the sun. The only new thing is you. Your touch is new. Your style is new and unique. Your timing is different. That is the game changer.  I am not the first person to write on this topic. But it is my first time writing on it. My style is unique. Wording is different. The message is old, but my message is new.

Same way whatever you plan to do has been done by some other person. Your style, demeanour and passion may be the Midas touch. My friend, forget about the big names and make your name big. Their big names were once ideas and goals that seemed unattainable. Rather than be intimidated by their successes, learn from them. Stalk them. Only keep it in reins so it does not develop into obsession. I read a lot. Growing up, I read because it kept me busy and sent me places I have never been. Today, I read a lot because I am in competition with who I was a second ago. I am striving to be better than that Able Delalie. I read because with knowledge about what other writers are doing, I can do better, hone my skills till it glitters. I read because I owe my readers the best content.

Whatever you want to do, do it with your might. Apply the “all or none phenomenon” and you will not regret you did. Only weigh your options and decide for yourself. That options are limitless does not mean you should invest time and other resources into frivolous ventures all in the name of risk taking. Some risks are suicide missions.

Almost everyone is a blogger, you can be one too. Everybody is an entrepreneur; join the wagon and make a difference. Public speaking is not new, but you can bring in a twist. Do not give up on your dreams because others got there before you.

Rather than worrying about things you cannot change, give your customers quality products. Whatever service you provide should be five star or almost. Give them a reason to stick with you and not their old suppliers. By all means think about your pocket, but not at the expense of your customers. What is better than a supplier, writer author who is reliable? Your clients should trust you.

Always think outside the box. Change changes every second. In this era of sex toys, always put on your creativity cloak. Think different. Stand out and they will notice you. Your creativity should address the changing needs of your customers.

The goal is not to be like everyone. The goal is not to blend in. The goal is to be unique. People should recognize your works even without a tag, watermark or logo. Dare to be different, that is the only way to stand out in a world full of chaff. Do not allow room for mediocrity.

Finally, BE HEARD. BE SEEN. You may be the best at what you do. Until you tell it to the world no one will know. Subtlety has no place in this world. Be heard.

Till next week, I am Able Delalie, The Hard Girl. I am the force that breathes life to this column. Some writers are better than me. I am better than other writers. So, I always strive to become better. I will not give up because of the followers and readership another has. I will do me. I am building my brand; one day I will get there. Let us build our dreams together.