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If you look good, you feel good.

I spent most of the days in this week at the DVLA office. I was going through examinations to acquire a driver’s license. On Wednesday, I learnt a lesson my roommates have been trying to teach me for four years.

A gentleman was turned away and denied a license. Why? He had a dishevelled look and wore a sagging pair of shorts and slippers. I was surprised. One of the DVLA regulations was that no one should appear at their office in slippers. He may not have received the memo. I felt sad for him. He wasted the whole day in there without getting served.

We are often told to not judge a book by its cover. However, the importance of physical appearance cannot be overstated. We have conditioned our minds to believe that it is who you are on the inside that matters, not the outer appearance. This is not entirely true. One’s appearance matters. Hence, it should be of utmost priority.

In your attempt to look good outwardly, do not force yourself to fit into the dictates of the society. Mould your look to fit the status quo. It should reflect who you are; your personality, taste; season and budget. Always keep in mind that observers will always judge you based on your appearance before your character and expertise.

Do women have a problem with appearance?

Maybe. Maybe not. I know I do.

When we were younger, it was the responsibility of our mothers and caretakers to dress us. Now, it is our individual headaches. Most of us ladies give excuses of being too busy to look good. Over the four years I have been in school, I have learnt a lot about dressing than I have known my entire life.

Appearance is it only about one’s dressing, the choice of dress, colour and style. It is also about the how our hair is kept. This is regardless of whether the hair in a protective covering or not. It is also about how we groom ourselves to prevent skin infections that result from poor personal hygiene.

Is appearance a big deal? YES.

In the society;

It gives people the right impression about you

It is a cliché that first impressions are everything. Clichés are true though. We all have judged someone based on their appearance, language, demeanour, mannerism and dressing. You may have caught them on a bad day, but that impression lingers on which will require thorough purging to erase. Can you always be in the good books of everyone? No.  Can you control people’s impressions about you? Yes.

It affects your self-esteem

Imagine you have been invited to speak at a well-attended seminar. A lot is expected of you, the resource person. You are expected to have control over the topic you will handle as the audience is interested in the outcome, not the input. It is your duty to give them what is possible. You may have the perfect, laid out speech. You may have sharpened your communications skills and all. However, if you are uncomfortable with your dressing, you are likely to lose your confidence. Appearance is a confidence booster. Make good use of it.

It makes you feel good about yourself

You deserve to feel good. That is no one else’s responsibility. Ever taken the extra time to look so good that you were reluctant to go home after the event was over? It does not make you full of yourself. You are human. It is therapeutic and can bring you out of depression.

You are accorded respect

If you want to be treated with respect and honour, present yourself with respect and honour. Give them something to respect you for.

In marriage;

It is a form of attraction

A lot of ladies disregard the importance of physical appearance in marriage. It is not a replacement for love, security and companionship. It is in a class of its own. Most men complain about the change in dressing preferences of their wives. Some women who had an impeccable sense of fashion which may have attracted their spouses tend to lose that extra sense after marriage. To attract your spouse, you must do so with your good physical appearance.

Give your partner something to be proud of. Should your spouse arrive home unannounced, with a couple of friends, will it be an embarrassment or a plus to you both? The excuse of not having to look good at home contributes a percentage to love lost in marriage. If the world deserves to see a well-groomed and mannered side of you, so does your spouse. Spice up your wardrobe.

At the workplace;

It is ethical to look good

Though not punishable by the law court, it is important to abide by them. If you will not be comfortable with a dishevelled doctor attending to you, so must you appear neat and collected in the workplace.

Good appearance compliments your skills and expertise

A good physical appearance is an icing on the cake for your prowess. In the workplace, while the quality of your work is important, it is nothing without your appearance. Your bosses and colleagues should not only respect you for your knowledge but also your appearance.

It is a door opener

There is a welder I know whose services are patronised because of his appearance.  By his job, he had a perfect excuse to look unkempt but did not take it. We have no excuse. On Wednesday, I left my hostel for the DVLA office a few minutes after 7 am and got back a few minutes to 6 pm, almost 12 hours after. Some policemen who came late were attended to before the rest of us. That is why appearance counts. Dressed as civilians, they will have been treated like the rest of us. Dress to stand out in a good way.

Appearance is not the sole contributing factor to having a fulfilled life, but its impact cannot be overlooked. You may likewise be the custodian of fashion and lack technical knowledge.

Remember, you do not get a second chance to undo and redo a first impression created. Before you step away from the mirror, ask yourself if the apparel edifies you. You do not need a prophet to help you make that choice.

Your appearance counts.


Here are ten wardrobe must-haves for all ladies. The good thing is that they can be found in Kantamanto. This was provided by Akuvi Adjabs. Akuvi is a blogger, stylist, personal shopper and an aspiring Brand/ Image Strategist.

  1. Bell Bottoms

Bell buttons are one of my favourite pieces. Back in the days, we used to call them “Hold my thighs and leave my legs.” They are one of the few pieces you need to spice your wardrobe with. Styling them is quite easy for that classy chic look you desire.

  1. LBD (Little Black Dress)

They are super versatile and can be worn any day, anytime, either during the day or night. You cannot go wrong with it. It can take you from your job to an outing. That is how cool they are.

  1. Oversized T-Shirts

Step up your “I woke up like this game”, especially for those who are not fun of nightgowns; this piece is recommendable. They are comfortable and easy to change into. Aside from waking up with it, you can style it up for that chic look.

  1. Midi Skirts

Whether pleated, gathers or flare, they are the simplest pieces to pull a look with. Flares remain my personal favourites.

  1. A Versatile Blazer

Aside from a black blazer, you need to add one interesting blazer to your wardrobe. Three-quarters sleeveless are recommendable in interesting colours, patterns or nudes. They go with everything and works with all body types.

  1. A Plain White Tee

Nothing is more important than a white tee of your choice in your closet. It is a must-have for every closet. Luckily, it can be paired with anything- with skirts, jeans. Just make sure you find the right fit and you’re good to go.

  1. Sneaker and Ballet Flats

Two pairs each is fine in your favourite colours that help you play dress down. They make you feel simple and comfortable. When in need of something more comfortable than heels, go in for the flats. They come in different colours and styles.

  1. The Go-To-Accessories

The statement accessories you can always run to. From oversized watches, bangles, rings, neck pieces to earrings. They add a touch to your clothes and give a whole new look. My favourites are big gold earrings, I’m sure those earrings are tired of me and would want to scream anytime they see me coming but then, they remain loyal.

  1. 1-3 Yards of Ntama (Cloth)

Your closet is incomplete without them. You may not know how important they are until you have a bad hair day. For your Duku game, you need at least two different Ntama in your closet. Kente Ntama and any other beautiful pattern are just perfect. They come in handy when you want to look the African that you are.

  1. Slacks/Fishnets

Add some spice to your oversized shirts, shorts, distressed denim pants, or long tops. Fishnets are in vogue now and one wouldn’t ruin your wardrobe.

Thank you for reading. And, see you next week. Cheers

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