Hi there,

I know I have not been fair to you. I am sorry. I am still trying to adjust to the latest changes in my life. Be assured that I will make it up to you. Kindly take today’s piece as a compensation.

Thank you


To the pessimists and detractors, it is not possible. To the optimists and focused, it is possible.

I am Able Delalie and I love what I do. I love my pen. I love that it has the ripple effect to shake the world in a positive. My heart yearns for more; I wish to write more than I do now. I want to be on a stage to speak to people, not for a certificate or prize, but because my generation and more importantly the world to come when my breath is no longer mine need to hear what the Hard Girl has to say.

I observe people and how far they have come in their chosen fields and marvel. They fail, they get disappointed. They lose out on opportunities that could have bought them their breakthrough, yet they show unflinching devotion to their course. The ‘big people’ were not always big. They shared, still do, in the cake of challenges and disappointments yet they stand tall as though they are unfazed by them. One thing keeps them grinding; PASSION.

What is passion?

Dictionary definition describes it as a ‘strong and barely controllable emotion’.

However, trust me, no matter how much passionate you are, you don’t wake up every day with that zeal and compulsive love for work. Passion does not always present itself as described in the definition above. So, do not wait to be engulfed by that feeling before you know you are on the right path. Know thyself.

Passion is the not only requirement but it sure is the foundation of success. Every venture built without passion is susceptible to collapse. At the beginning, they- writers, artists, entrepreneurs, your mentors – only had a dream, an idea and passion to achieve something. What got them this far is their firmly grounded passion for what they do.

This virtue is the force that enables you to keep going even when results and facts say otherwise; It gives us hope when a snap at the future reveals a murky image. Encouragement to look beyond the failures and trails and to that prize we set our sights on is possible when we are passionate. With passion, there is the urge to crawl when walking becomes difficult.

Passion does not mean there will be no hurdles on the way. Passion is no angel to roll the stone out of your way. It will not keep your foot from dashing against a stone. In fact, it will hurt you more than the others. It fuels you when you run low on inspiration and hope. It reminds you of where you come from and where you wish to go.

It may seem invisible sometimes, diminished even. If your passion were true, it will never go away regardless of how silent its voice is. It takes passion to make the “Impossible” possible.

Most of us are clueless about what they are bound to be or do. There is no need to be shy about it. Sometimes, I question my being. I ask myself if I was meant to be a pharmacist. I ask myself if I would not have thrived better in a law class. That is not to say Law is more dignified or less stressful. But it all boils down to passion and drive. If you do not know who you are, find yourself. And what better way than trying. Trial and error is a norm, not a taboo. That is the fastest way to know you for you.

Kindly allow me to rope in a scrape of the ‘Scienceburg’. Passion is infectious. Like a flu or chicken pox, you would realize passion trickles down on people whose immune systems are strong and compromised alike. Just a few are immune to it. Your passion for your work- business, art, profession- anything you do, attracts people to you. Your passion with constant practice help build your dream. This attraction comes with a lot of remuneration.

Finding your purpose is good, making it work for the benefit of all is best. Your passion alone will achieve nothing. Passion is not a one pot dish. It comes with accompaniments. Garnished by hard work, commitment and sense of duty, you have yourself a wholesome meal. Find your passion but find its accompaniments too.

Lean to learn, unlearn and relearn as well. It takes an open-minded person to realize they goofed and take the necessary steps to correct them. It takes a serious person to put everything learnt to practice. You do not know it all. Always learn.

Let us build this dream together.