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I am excited about today and this piece because it is different from what we have had in the series so far. Change is good, right? I am sure you will enjoy this.

One thing I have learned over these few months of bringing you weekly pieces of writing is accountability. I have learned to be responsible because I hate to disappoint you.

May is finally over, and we are back to the routine. It was fun doing something for a change. Let us do this again sometime, yeah?


Some blessings are career crushers in disguise…


Last night, when it was evident that my efforts to catch some sleep was futile, I surfed the net. One article that got me thinking was on the autopsy of Dominic Adiyiah’s career. To those who do not know him, Dominic Adiyiah came to the limelight when as a marksman, he bagged 8 goals in 7 games and claimed the best player title in the 2009 FIFA U-20 world Cup. He was awarded the Golden Shoe and ball for being the top scorer and was named as the Most Valuable Player of the tournament. Dominic Adiyiah had a promising career, but things went awry when he made a decision that cost him his career.

For achieving such a feat, almost all clubs, large and small, were interested in buying him to play for them. Dominic Adiyiah had to decide, no matter how hard it was. He eventually made the choice and went with A C Milan. Even I would jump to such enticing offer. Various experts, including Coach Silas Tetteh, thought it was a wrong move.  This young chap needed a team to build him up, and Milan was not in the position to do so.

Milan is an accomplished team and in need of already made players, not novices. No one had the time bring him to speed. He would have had that in a growing team. After two years of being with Milan, not once was he selected by the head coach Leonardo though he was eligible to play. He was loaned to some teams one of which he settled with at the end of his three- year contract with A C Milan.

According to Dominic Adiyiah in an interview he granted, “For me, it was a mistake. But as a youngster, when a big team like Milan needs you, you cannot say no.”

Thankfully, he learned his lesson soon enough. But how soon is soon? He realized, “However when you get there and there is no room for you, that is when to decide I need to go somewhere and do the right thing and come back.” But the harm had already been done. You have today to make things right. Dream big. Be a great person. But build yourself today. Some opportunities are out to cripple you even before you begin your life.

We all dream to be successful in our chosen careers. No one wishes to be at the bottom of the success ladder, so we do all it takes to follow the ladder to greener pastures. Adiyiah’s crime was not his dream. His crime was how he planned to get up there. Not all opportunities are meant for grabs. Look before you leap. Always think things through before you make any decision. I am not against you going in for great opportunities. Just proceed with caution.

We will all get up there one day. Perseverance is a necessary tool to start from the scratch and build ourselves to the point where the effort required is negligible. Because there will be down and disappointing times. There will be times when you will feel like giving up.

Let me compare Dominic Adiyiah to a young man I admire. His passion makes me feel guilty sometimes. He knows his worth and is not afraid to tell the world who he is and how unique he is from us all. In his Facebook post a few days back, Isaac Sesi intimated that “One day, when all is said and done and I look back at the multi-million dollar companies that I have built, I will look up to this day and say ‘It was worth it.’”

This young man has a purpose; a dream to be a millionaire one day. He is scared. He has ventured into the unknown with the little he has. You can too. What do you have in your hand? Use it. Nothing is too small to start your multi-million-dollar company today. That mobile phone is more than a multi-purpose gadget. If you find a purpose and task it, like a humble servant, it will help you achieve your dream.

Go where you are appreciated, where your input will be felt. Be a part of something big. Always remember that a skyscraper was once a foundation. You must begin from a point and work your way to the top.  All you need to do is start something. Do not give up. Fight on.

I started with writing birthday, congratulatory and condolence messages for friends, then a few articles that featured on my school’s notice board. Today, you are reading this piece from my column on this award-winning site. I get to use you as my lab rats, lol. You guys are part of my refining process and I am grateful for that. One day, when I tell my story you all will get a mention. You make me want to hone my skills to the littlest detail. Let us build this dream together. Let us follow the ladder to greatness.

Like I always say, start it now; start it right. You are able.

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