One good turn deserves another, or so does my mom say all the time. It was quite a successful day so I looked forward to a pleasant ride home. However, the sun scorched very badly that day and for a moment, I missed the rainy days which usually pissed me off. All I wanted was to get home as soon as possible and take off my clothes. I placed a ride request to Uber and it indicated that my car was two minutes away. I glanced through the profile of the assigned driver and, well, I didn’t know what to expect. He looked ambiguous and quite weird but prejudice has never been my thing so I hoped for the best; to meet a driver as sweet and handsome as the one I met the last time.

In more than 5 minutes, the car hadn’t arrived and I hadn’t received a call either. My expectations began to transform into frustration when I saw a car with the same number as the one assigned to me roaming in a distance. Reluctantly, I dialled his number and directed him to where I was.

Now, here’s the thing: I have heard about people being rude for no apparent reason. However, trust me, I never expected my experience with that to come from an Uber driver. For crying out loud their hallmark was good customer service if not the best. As soon as I sat down, I greeted but this guy swallowed his response and I felt like an idiot. I began to look for all the reasons why he wasn’t worth the trouble. One, he wasn’t good looking. Two, he was not even well dressed and as for his face, the least said the better. I buried my face in my phone and patiently waited for the trip to end.

Sincerely speaking, I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with anything out of the ordinary until he asked me to give directions. My temper flared for a moment but I kept my cool.

“Why do you have a map there in front of you, Sir?”  I spat the words before I could even realize it.   He gave me a questionable look through the rearview mirror and I simply rolled my eyes. The whole scene was beginning to make my blood boil. It was then I realized the air-conditioner wasn’t even on.

“Can you please turn on the AC? I feel a little uneasy”, I asked politely. This guy was a different kind of person altogether. He shook his head and put up a frown It took me a reminder of all the ninety-nine rules I was taught about courtesy to hold myself from doing anything uncouth. Rule number seventy-five stated that you must be nice to everyone, everywhere and under every circumstance and that makes you the golden girl.

I trashed the thought and, believe you me, it was a sight to behold in the car. I told him all the reasons he needed to quit working with Uber and sign up with a terrorist group so he could show off his rude skills. Finally, I suggested that he did a google search for how to stop your boss from firing you because I was about to lodge a complaint and it was certainly going to be one that will send him parking his car or perhaps handing over the keys because it didn’t even look like the car belonged to him.

We arrived at my destination and it looked like dude had never come across a client as crazy as I was. He began to apologize, trying to explain what kind of a bad day he’d had and how that wasn’t how he carried himself about on a normal day. You won’t believe it but there were tears in his eyes. He looked pathetic so I withheld my decision to lodge a complaint. Maybe, he really did have a problem.

“The next time you’re having a hard time, park the car. The next client may not be this understanding”, I advised as I handed him the money and got off.

“Thanks for understanding, Miss. Have a nice day… and don’t forget the five stars”, I heard him say as I was about to enter my house. Such guts! He had to request for something he didn’t deserve.

“I’ll surely add the moon”, I replied with cynicism as I banged the gate and hoped not to ever set my eyes on him again. I love Uber but that guy was a bad nut among Uber drivers.