“Tonight is the night.” I finally managed to say the words I’ve been trying to say for the last two and a half hours.

“We’ve both wanted this for a long time, but we had to deny our desires. Now, my husband is out of town and we have the house to ourselves.” She spills out the words like a little child desperate for candy from her daddy.

We’re sitting together on the bed cuddling in the dark. We start kissing each other lightly and giggling at the moment. I cupped her face with my hand and gave her a deep kiss. It was Long, languorous, full of feeling and passion. I looked into her eyes and said softly, “I’ve always dreamt of this moment. I want you, now.”

I told her I loved her. She lay right beside me on the bed and I kissed her. My heart was pounding so fast I wanted to make love to her immediately. But she was holding out. She had her reasons, and I respected her for it.  She closed her eyes as though she was sleeping, and I couldn`t help but look upon the beautiful woman lying beside me on the bed. She is any man`s dream. I knew I was fortunate that I found her. The mere thought that she was also another man`s wife made it even more exciting for me. It was more like an adventure.

I have always had a thing for married women. Yes! That`s what I said. I HAVE A THING FOR MARRIED WOMEN.

I have been sleeping with married women for almost about half a decade now. I have been at it since I was 21. When I think about my earlier experiences, my mouth goes dry with excitement.

The affairs began when I was 21. A married woman who was a friend of my family started to take a great deal of interest in me. In retrospect, it is obvious that the woman was mentally ill.

Back then, because I had very difficult parents who did not pay me much attention, her interest brought enormous relief. I used to wait for her visits. I would write down lists of things I wanted to tell her. She was 36, and was a banker. She`d pick me up often from the library to her house every time her husband was away on business trips. That was the beginning on many interesting episodes I had with 8 or 9 other wives. There were no strings attached. Just sex.

But what I had with Mrs. Sasha Honney was quite different. She`s my lecturer for one of the courses I was taking for my masters` degree at Bond University. Even at 38, she was such an incredible beauty. I couldn`t get her out of my head. I thought about her more than I did think about my preparations towards my wedding to my fiancé and childhood sweetheart Libelda. I wasn`t sure how exactly to describe the way I felt about Mrs. Honney, but I knew she was one I wouldn`t want to let go of, although I loved Libelda too.

We`ve been flirting with each other for the last five weeks or so, and also sexting at some point, especially times when her husband was around and she couldn`t call me. Now here we are finally together without our partners to restrict us. We had the time to ourselves to explore what we felt for each other.

We began to take off our clothes getting ready for foreplay and the big event. Just when we`d finished taking off our clothes, a voice called out from the living room.

“Sasha! Honey, where are you? I`m back home. My flight has been cancelled.”

Writer: Victor Tekpetey