My name is Aggor Yorm. First of all, I would like you to know that I am not afraid to express myself creatively about my personal experiences and the ones I have witnessed firsthand. So please deal with it.

Secondly, I do not condone wrong. I am just one of the few people out here who are ready and willing to talk about the open secrets we all know yet keep quiet about. Therefore, my dear, before you begin to express your disgust for my bluntness, I want you to know you should rather feel lucky to have me come your way. Thank you.

I would like to extend my love to one of my very close friends who had the courage to willingly give me a piece of information to touch on today.

Most guys loved the attack I launched on myself and my fellow ladies a few days ago. Forgetting that between both genders, women are the lesser of the two evils. Today, I have come your come, and as for you, I would like to treat your case like a film.


Akos 25, and Greg 27 have been dating for 5 years. About a year and a half ago, the chemistry between them started dwindling.

Akos complains of the sudden the sudden change in behavior and priorities. Greg is always fast to brush it off with a good excuse.

Akos becomes tired of the unfair treatment and decides to seek comfort outside her unhappy relationship.

Greg begins to suspect Akos as well for not caring about him not caring anymore and begins to snoop around her stuff and even hacked into her social media accounts and her email as well.

Greg finds out Akos is cheating. He makes a farce about it but forgives Akos as quickly as though it never happened.

Akos doubted the quick change of heart and forgiveness and decided to be careful either ways. Akos has fallen in love with the new guy. She finally breaks up with Greg and settles with the new found love.

Soon after, Akos is shocked to death by the revelations uncovering from her five year relationship she ended with so much guilt to have broken a heart. Only to find out that Greg was the devil not her.

I hope you were not thinking of a word by word transcription of an hours’ conversation with my friend? And before you start jumping at Akos or Greg, allow me to finish my part.


The name I chose to give my friend in this context is Akos. No hyping yeah, Akos is a beautiful and hardworking African woman. Not the kind of African woman who just bears the title because of the continent she finds herself, but because of the rich culture she possess. She is what you guys would call the home girl or the marriage material.


Akos just wants to be happy. She loved Greg and wished that they would end up in marriage soon. Both parties have visited the homes of each other. Just when you think this cannot go wrong and all the girls on our group page always point at Akos to be the first one amongst us to get married, everything crumples.


This is the part I get to run my mouth. Most women desire to have a beautiful and happy home one day. This happy home begins to reflect in the dating and courtship period even before they tie the knot. So, if a lady, even at the stage of courtship is unhappy, how is she assured of a happy future? Your boyfriend suddenly ignores important things to you like birthdays, a few casual calls and hanging out etc. and he gives you the excuse of focusing on the future instead of material and frivolous things.

Herh! Dear future husband of mine, don’t try this one with me. I expect every guy and lady to know that the basics things that keep a relationship going is communication and acknowledging or respecting the things your partner deems important to him or her. So don’t you dare put our communication and moments on hold and magically expect that the relationship would keep functioning properly.

Akos started cheating on Greg. Any truthful person would help me side with Akos for doing what she did. We have all at one point, if not physically but emotionally or verbally cheated on our partners for not giving us some attention we used to get from them. I am not condoning wrong! I am being very honest.

Now Greg, and any other man reading this, how dare suddenly have the time and the energy to begin to snoop around for clues because you suspect someone is making her happy elsewhere. You have the guts to hack into her accounts and lie about it? You make an immature move of contacting her new found love and tell him lies about her? Do you want her sad and miserable that bad that you cannot allow another man make her happy?

Mr new guy is not happy about whatever is going on. Because Akos hadn’t spoken to him about Greg before all this started. Obviously operation getting a side ‘D’ went wrong. She got busted. See I still won’t blame a girl for not wanting to put all her eggs in one basket. Especially when she suddenly doesn’t know who amongst the two she really loved less or more.


As for Greg, I am still grateful for all the childishness he pulled. It really helped my friend narrow down her choices quickly.

Greg was actually the devil all these while. How can you scar a lady like this? What type of libido do you have? I am actually even tempted to conjure a new word just for you. How can you possibly be sleeping around with so many ladies when you knew you were dating? Yes I said myself that side chicks would always be around. But how many do you alone want to handle. To the extent that you got some pregnant and had them abort them but all along you made your girlfriend think she was just acting paranoid and you were the good guy.

You know no shame and get the whole apartment echoing the loud moaning and groaning coming from you and your side chic when everyone else knew the main chic? Please if you have no respect for yourself, at least respect your lady and go do your cheating boyfriend and side chic business elsewhere.

When women begin to suspect funny acts coming from their partners you think we are dumb and you tease us off with the paranoia and female intuition lines. Dear future husband, please don’t lie to me. I know my karma would come for you to spite me, but kindly be truthful to me and never call me crazy instead.

I don’t even want to begin to share some of the lies Greg was able to cook up for my dear Akos all these years. But was able to quickly go running to both their families and mutual friends, weeping like a baby when a sister decided to break loose from an unhappy situation.


Greg is refusing to allow some peace and quiet in this country. Why are you still torturing Akos with your childishness and putting her new relationship in jeopardy. Stop being a threat to your ex girlfriends’ new relationship. Why do you seek so much to see this go down as well? You couldn’t keep your woman and your pants on. Do the world a favor and give us some rest.


Uncle Greg, Akos has found love. I expect you to call both your deeds even and move on with your life. Go away, go and have fun with your numerous side chicks. In fact why don’t you take this advice and rather channel your libido into a lucrative venture. Go, become a male prostitute. Make some money for yourself and save some for that side chick who would refuse to abort the fruit of your lousy semen.

Akos flourish in love, you deserve to be happy. But bear in mind that if you were a side chic to someone’s spouse in your past, then that was your karma, it got you clean. If not go in peace; love and be loved. Hold your new man like an egg and be vigilant like an eagle.

I know these kind of men are the ones who easily hit women; so I will be in my house waiting.