A distraction in the boring Mathematics lecture I was sitting in was the best thing that happened to me that Friday morning. However, I had not in my wildest fantasies thought that my distraction would come from Afia – the Afia! It was like a dream.

She flashed her teeth at me again and the sparkle they produced when the sun kissed those teeth dazzled me. Afia had a special relationship with nature. It complimented her flawlessly. The wind created a sweet aura around her, the sun amplified her beauty and plants made way and bowed anytime she passed. Afia was the sum of perfection.

She whispered some words to me. Though I did not hear what she said, I smiled sheepishly and responded in the affirmative. That’s the kind of effect this lady had on me. I lost control of my senses when I was around her.

God knew I had a crush on Afia. I had had it since the first lecture I attended in the university. That was the first time I was smitten and I have not experienced anything like that since then. There was something about her trademark pony-tail that day. It whirled me off my feet like a tornado. I fell in her love never to get up again.

There were too many days I found myself drawing her face and name in my handouts during lectures. I never knew I was an artistic person until met Afia. Oh yeah, I became Shakespeare as well, writing sonnets after sonnets. And though, I did not have a good voice, I would beat Lionel Richie easily in a love song singing competition.

For all the three years I crushed on Afia, the longest sentence I said to her was good morning. Even that, I did not get a response so, technically, we had never had a conversation. This explained the weirdness amidst the ecstasy I felt about her sudden interest in me. I looked in her direction again to confirm that she was looking at me. This time, she waved. Oh, my God! I was beside myself. I was surprised at my ability to control myself. It was raining love on me.

I could not wait for the class to end. Finally, I had the confidence to approach her and say more than two words. I was convinced that I would get a response this time around, we would walk and talk together after the lectures and do all the things between when two lovers meet and happily ever after. But I checked my time and there was a whopping forty-five minutes before the lecture ended. It felt like an eternity to me.

I looked at Afia again and her gaze was still set on me. This time she turned away like a shy little girl and giggled. That act of hers sent an electric reaction through my body. I saw her trying to steal another look at me, wanting to know if I had taken my eyes off her. Awww… I thought to myself.

For the last thirty minutes in the lecture, and for the first time ever, Mathematics made sense to me. Afia was the missing ‘x’ we were supposed to find in every equation. Now, I did not have to struggle at all. The solution stared me right in the face. I mastered differentiation and integration in a second. Yes, I could easily differentiate between lusting after her and truly loving her. That was my dy/dx. And the only thing that needed integration was our souls – patched up into one complex equation that even the devil would not be able to simplify.

“See you next week”. Those words of the lecturer woke me up from my day dream.

It was my make or break time. I picked up my handout and walked straight in Afia’s direction. Everyone else was headed for the exit so it was difficult to navigate my way through them. When I got to where she sat, Afia was not there. Oh how? Or, was she trying to fish me out among the sea of people who were leaving the lecture hall?

I looked around the room and spotted Sarah, Afia’s friend. They were sitting together during the lecture. I walked up to her.

“Erm… Sarah, have you seen Afia?”

“Yes, she just left with Josh”.

Did I hear left? With Josh? A Guy? It did not make sense. I thought we had a beautiful moment and she was dying to see me. How could she had left just like that? And with Josh. Who is this Josh?

“Who is Josh?” I asked Sarah.

“Joshua… The guy who was sitting behind you in the lecture. Yeah, you see him? Afia’s has been crushing on him all semester. He finally looked her way today. They are going on a date.”

I froze! I did not know whether to cry or laugh. Sarah’s honesty cut right through my heart. It was painful. I felt stupid and angry at the same time. All the while, Afia’s gazes and giggles had nothing to do with me. I was such a fool. This world is an interesting place. Even my crush had a crush.

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