Two weeks later

“Mr. Appiah I’m tired oo.” Rose uncrossed and crossed her legs and continued, “I can no longer continue with this charade. Every moment I spend with that cheat you call a son, intensifies my urge to kill him slowly and painfully. I am blood thirsty.”

“Calm down my dear, someone might hear you. I understand your plight and trust me everything is in place; this weekend they’ll realize the joke has always been on them. Just hold on for three more days; that’s all I ask.” Mr Appiah pleaded.

It had been two weeks exactly since Rose caught Kojo cheating on her with Ashorkor. Lost, she visited Mr Appiah in his office and told him what she had discovered. “No. No. Not my princess. And definitely not my son.” He refused to believe her and threatened to throw her out of the office until she showed him the video she took of the two.

Stupefied, Mr Appiah slowly sank into his swivel chair and wept. The more Rose tried to comfort him, the more his shoulders heaved making him burst into more tears.

“i only wanted you to know. From here, I’ll show the picture to Kojo and end this toxic relationship. I should not have even returned to Ghana.” She said after crying baby had quietened and zoned out. This seemed to do the magic.

“He doesn’t know you know?” he gulped.

“I haven’t told him yet. I wanted to show it to you first.” Rose answered, moving around the room.

A wry smile began to form at the corner of his lips as he tapped his desk. “You did good my dear; you did very well coming to me first. Now I’m gonna need you to send me that video and don’t say a word to Kojo yet. I have a surprise for both of them.” Mr Appiah assured, the glint in his eyes could put the devil to shame.

“Not tell him anything? What am I supposed to be doing in the meantime sir?”

“Just let him believe you don’t know anything yet. I know this would be difficult but trust me it will all play out fine if only you play your part well.” He implored.

“Difficult?” she uttered as she strode to the other side of the table. “That’s impossible.” Scowling, “How am I supposed to pretend that I didn’t catch him red-handed with another woman in bed? His stepmother for that matter, how do I pretend to overlook that? I’m sorry but this is just too much for me.”

“You are right Rose; that’s not right. But think about what they’ve done, what they’re doing to you; to us. We don’t deserve this; nobody deserves to be hurt like this. And you want to let them off the hook just like that? Come on, I know you’re stronger than that.” Mr Appiah pushed. “Help me to give them a taste of their own medicine. Let’s teach them not to mess up with people’s emotions.”

“How long am I supposed to put up with this act?” she asked, after what felt like eternity.

“A few days my dear, probably a week or two. That’s all. We’re both going to have to put up with those ungrateful beings and teach them a lesson of a lifetime.” Mr. Appiah replied.

“Very well sir, if you say so.” Rose agreed.

Kojo and Ashorkor had been careful not to arouse any suspicion from their respective partners. Kojo would usually leave the house with the excuse of going to do some rounds; he would come back immediately Mr. Appiah leaves for the office and Ashorkor returns from sending Esi to school. The two would have the house to themselves and make love all day; in Kojo’s room, in his bathroom, in his father’s room, in the parlour, in the kitchen and a few times in the garden.

There was no stopping for them. He would occasionally call Rose to tell him he was traveling and would be away for a couple of days. At other times he would leave her at the eatery with the excuse of meeting a client just to go home and make love with Ashorkor. Ashorkor on the other hand would say all the unpleasant things she could think of about Kojo to Mr. Appiah anytime they were together, she would feign sickness whenever Mr. Appiah tried to make love to her. The days she allowed him to have his way; it was not as fun and erotic as it used be because Ashorkor would be complaining of pains all over her body. It had been the longest and most painful two weeks for Rose and Mr. Appiah.


“Okay so what’s your plan?” Rose enquired, still wearing a frown.

“I can’t tell you my dear. You’d have to wait till weekend to see how it all plays out. I’m sorry.” Came Mr. Appiah’s shocking reply.

“What! That’s not fair sir. Give me a hint at least; we’re in this together remember?” Rose shot back.

“Yes we are. Okay so all I can say is this; My son will invite you to lunch at the house. When that happens jus know that the plan is in motion and come prepared.” Mr Appiah relayed.

“That’s not enough sir, but it’s okay. I’ll be there. Thanks. I have to get back to the office now before my Dad notices I’ve been gone.” Rose got up to leave.

“Very well my dear. You be safe and prepare for this weekend.” Mr Appiah got up and the two shook hands before departing the eatery.


Kojo had returned from his usual U-turn a little later than usual. With no time to spare, he dashed straight by his father’s room to see Ashorkor.

“There she is, the sweetest girl ever to walk this earth. Kw3 ohe y3 f3w ts)(you’re too beautiful).” He flattered.

Ashorkor sat on the bed in her sleeveless top and pant, unusually unimpressed by Kojo’s sweet words. She shot him a cold look when he sat beside her and tried to pull her into his arms.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Why do you look like that? Did someone upset you at Esi’s school?” kojo enquired.

“Mtchew!” Ashorkor hissed loudly. She got up and made her way out of the room. Kojo sat there wondering what had gone wrong. He got up and went after her. He caught up with her just before she descended the stairs and stopped her.

“Hey come on; what’s going on. Tell me please.”

“Tell you what? You don’t know what you’ve done? So how did it go?” Ashorkor fired at him.

Shock, confusion and despair took turns to mar his face. He could not place a finger on what Ashorkor was driving at. “I’m not following honey; can you be more clear?” He asked.

“What’s not clear, the fact that you went to see that whore girlfriend of yours or the fact that you don’t even know how to lie about it?” Ashorkor fired again.

“Woah! Hold it right there. I didn’t go to see anyone. Hey come on look at me, I didn’t go to see her, okay. I met a former colleague from school and we got lost catching up on old times, that’s all.” He explained. “Besides we have bigger problems than this; I got a call from my Dad on my way back. He wants me to invite Rose to lunch this weekend. And the lunch will be with you guys.” He relayed.

“He told me about it before going to work this morning. I was going to tell you about it when you came back.” Ashorkor replied.

“Yea, so?” came her reply.

“So? I’m sorry did you just ask me so?” Kojo couldn’t hide his shock. You already know about it? And you don’t think there’s anything wrong with that?” he probed, more puzzled.

“He told me about it before going to work this morning. I was going to tell you about it when you came back.” She said and looked away. “Come to think of it,is there something wrong with a father wanting to have lunch with his son and soon to be daughter in-law?” she teased.

“you know that’s not what I mean. Ashorkor, this could be a…”

“Dude I am still mad at you for delaying and all you care about is your stupid paranoia over some lunch that could be cancelled any day?” Ashorkor cut him off and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Kojo watched her disappear into the kitchen. “Why doesn’t she seemed bothered about the lunch? What if it blows up in our faces? What if Dad has discovered us? What does Ashorkor have under her sleeves not be perturbed?” he kicked all those questions behind his mind and joined her in the kitchen.

Ashorkor had her back to the door as she washed vegetables. Making it ideal for a cuddle. Kojo tiptoed behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her shoulders. Ashorkor leaned back on his broad chest and rolled her eyes while Kojo bit her neck softly sending a chill down her spine. She dropped the vegetables and run her wet hands through Kojo’s hair as she turned around to face him. Kojo lifted her by her waist and sat her on the sink and spread her legs with his thighs. They locked their lips in a passionate kiss and before long they were both lost in their euphoric world.

They spent the rest of the day planning how to put up a good performance so that no one would notice anything weird. Ashorkor was going to be the Princess she had always been and Kojo was going to be of his best behaviour. They were going to pretend to hate each other. Kojo called Rose to inform her about the lunch, she was reluctant for a while, until Kojo said it was his father’s wish; then she agreed to be there.

Sweet Rose, she is as clueless as a riddle.


Watch out for final episode.