Kojo awoke with a start. Groggily, he opened his eyes to behold who dared disturb his sleep this early. He should be preparing for work, on a Wednesday morning, not wrapped in his comforter like the weak soul he was.

“Esi,” he called out to the cutie standing at the entrance of the door. Something was up. The Esi he knew would have thrown off his comforter, and knocked off his toiletries before he had a chance to steer her away. She looked rather calm; that scared him. He beckoned her to come hither which she hurriedly did. Into his arms.

He positioned her onto his laps and stroked her hair gently. “If only she was this calm angel everyday” Kojo yearned.

“Baby girl, what’s wrong?” kojo enquired, still stroking her hair.

“Daddy is going away.” She lamented. Between them both, she was the daddy’s pet. So it was understandable she was affected. But wait…

“Daddy’s going away? To? Are you sure? Is he going with Ashor… I mean Aunt Ashorkor?” The questions tumbled out of his mouth, forgetting the seven-year-old girl had no answers to his questions. With a heave, he placed Esi onto the bed – “stay here okay, I’ll be back soon” – he assured and dashed out of his room.

Baffled by the turn of events, he wondered why his father would travel without telling him. He arrived downstairs just in time to see his father give his princess a final kiss on the forehead. Outside, Kwame, the help, flung his master’s suitcases one after the other into the boot of the car.

“Dad!” he called out, quickening his steps to catch up with him before he stepped out. Waiting for Kojo to draw near, he rattled off the things he needed just to make sure he did not forget anything.

“Dad? I didn’t know you were travelling.” He said, catching his breath. Seeing Mr Appiah had resolved to remain mum, he probed, “so where are you going?”

“I’m going on a trip – a business trip. I’ll be back in two weeks should things go well. I didn’t think you’d be around to notice my absence that’s why I didn’t say anything.” Came Mr. Appiah’s reply.

“I suppose you’re going with your, you know, your princess?” Kojo said, smiling.

“No. She’s staying back to take care of the house and Esi. I wasn’t sure I could count on you.” Ouch, that jab hurt.

With nothing more to say, Mr. Appiah strutted to his car and drove off. “That went well. At least he is speaking to me now” The last two weeks have been hell for him, so this is a progress right? Kojo turned, crashing into Ashorkor, almost describes it better.

‘I’m sorry. I was hoping to catch your father before he drove off. I needed to remind him of something but I guess I’ll have to call him to do that.” Ashorkor apologised.

Kojo smiled, “No problem” he replied. He walked around her towards his room.

“What would you like to have for breakfast, Kojo?” Came Ashorkor’s voice after him.

‘uh…anything you cook would be great I’m sure.” He said.

Ashorkor smiled and headed to kitchen to prepare breakfast. Kojo made it to his room and found Esi seated here he left her still looking sad. He carried her into his arms around. Her usual giggles were missing. All he got was weak smile. He needed more than a spin to get her out of her present mood.

Placing her on the bed, “Baby girl, Daddy is going on a short business trip, he’ll be back before you even know it. He promised to get you a box of chocolates and Barbie. You can play dress up with your new baby.” Kojo promised the little angel.

That did the trick. A new flame kindled, she ran out of the room joyous. “Yeah!! just as I thought, you’re not happy, you run to me for comfort; I lighten your mood then you run to Daddy’s Princess to share your happiness with her. Mtchew!” kojo lost reins of his emotions.

Ashorkor is the woman of the house. Ever since his father literally ripped him apart for trying to ruin his relationship, he has resolved to not poke his nose where his Daddy’s Princess is concerned. Whether he liked it or not she was his stepmother and he had to live with it; if he wanted food on his table and roof over his head. It is high time he behaved well.

Saturday, 11:25am.

Ashorkor got up from the couch towards the main door. The unexpected chime of the doorbell had interrupted her time with the delay show. Could it be Nana? She thought as she turned the doorknob. This Nana is very much a lady; A beautiful one that she had not set eyes on in the house before.

Drumroll!!!Let the staring contest begin.

Ashorkor wondered who the visitor was and who she was after. The other lady did not understand why a lady who acted like she owned the place will receive her into her boyfriend’s house. One thought however was common; That niggling doubt, “Is he cheating on me?”

‘Hi. I’m looking for Kojo, I hope I have the right address?” the visitor broke the silence, putting an end to the staring contest.

“I see” Came Ashorkor’s reply as she sized her from her head to her toe. “Please come inside; make yourself at home, I’ll get him for you.”

Only one person can bang the door like she owns the place. Kojo opened the door to a furious Ashorkor. “Ashorkor, is there any problem?” he asked.

‘You tell me. There’s some lady in the parlour asking for you.” She frowned, as if she’d swallowed bile. “A lady?” Having completed her messenger duties, she departed ignoring Kojo’s question. Leaving him to guess who the lady was.

“HELL NO!” Kojo screamed as he laid eyes on his sweetheart. “Am I dreaming?”

“Baby!” In a flash, she was off the couch and into Kojo’s arms when he was close enough, throwing them off balance. “I’ve missed you so much Kojo. I kept counting the days that I’d return to Ghana to see you again.” She rumbled on. Kojo kept smiling, too excited to say anything. All he wished for was the power of Joshua of old- to still the sun so he could savor this moment a little longer.

“My rose.” He whispered.

“Mtchew!’ Ashorkor hissed rudely, bringing them back to reality. She walked away with her tail in between her thighs, not after a deadly glare at the lovebirds. Rose peered up at Kojo only to be more confused than she was a few seconds ago. What is going on here?

Ding. Dong. Diiiiiing. To be continued…