In case you missed the first part, please read it here: Daddy’s Princess. Part I


“I knew you were up to no good, you home wrecker! Who is that fool hiding under the bed sheets? Come on show your face before I jump on you there! Ashorkor, you see your life? I knew this from the beginning that you were after my father’s money and nothing else. If only he could see what I saw from the beginning and what I see now”, Kojo yelled as soon as the door flung open.

Fear gripped Ashorkor as she struggled to cover her chest with the bed sheets. For a moment, she thought a robber had broken into the room. She could not think or say anything. She took a deep breath in and sighed heavily. She tapped the person under the bed sheets to reveal himself. Slowly the figure under the bed sheets showed his head; and then his face, then he sat up.

“Dad? I thought… I… but… how? I thought you were going to be away for the weekend.” Kojo couldn’t find his voice when he realized his father was the cheating man under the sheets.

Mr. Appiah gave Kojo a stern look. He had to exercise a lot of restraint not to get up and beat the life out of the young man standing there who looked so ashamed. Kojo turned around shamefully. It seemed like forever before he could leave the room, it took more than strength to move his feet from where they seemed to have been glued to the tiled floor of the bedroom.

“Shit! How could I be so stupid?” Kojo cursed under his breath as he silently closed the door behind him, as if he was scared the door would break. He walked silently to his room, he knew he was in trouble. His father would not let him off the hook that easy.

“I told you, Appiah. That boy of yours has no respect for me. See how he budged into the room as if he owns the house. Such gross disregard for even you; his father. I can’t take this anymore, Appiah. I just can’t”, Ashorkor poured out almost on the verge of crying.

“Hey, come on, don’t be like that. I know he’s wrong but you know he’s just looking out for me. And before you say anything else, I’m not condoning what he did. I’m going to deal with him. You wait and see.” Mr. Appiah comforted Ashorkor.

Ashorkor got up from the bed with the bed sheets wrapped around her body, exposing some portion of her back and thighs. The sight of that brought smiles to Mr. Appiah’s face. He frowned immediately the thought of losing such a beautiful lady who had shown nothing but love and faithfulness towards him crossed his mind. He got up, put on his boxer shorts and threw his singlet around his shoulder and stormed out of the bedroom.

“Ko…ko…ko…ko…” Mr. Appiah knocked on Kojo’s door.

Kojo got up to see who it was at the door. He didn’t expect his father to knock before entering his room – not when he was mad at him. Could it be Ashorkor? No. What would she be doing here after what just happened. Kojo thought and then discarded the thought. He put his eye to the peephole to see who it was; his heart skipped a beat when he saw his father at the door. His face lacked expression. Kojo turned his back to the door and leaned against it, with his head raised and his eyes closed. He knew sooner than later they were going to have the talk, he just didn’t think it would be the same the day. “God, help me,” he clapped his palms together and silently prayed.

“Dad,” Kojo called when he slowly opened the door for his father. He smiled but Mr. Appiah didn’t even notice; he just walked past him as if he was not even there.

Kojo was sweating regardless of the speed at which the fan was running. He could almost touch the tension in the room as he struggled to maintain his composure. Mr. Appiah was rather calm, he looked around the room as if to find some evidence that would prove his theory that his son was on drugs – it was the only logical explanation he could come up with, considering his son’s behaviour earlier. He was calm and relaxed as his eyes travelled from one side of the room to the other. Kojo wanted to break the silence but he was more than scared to move or even drive away a fly. He sat there counting the seconds as it ticked and prayed the tension died out.

“What are you on?” Mr. Appiah broke the silence in a calm voice, with a rather confusing question.

“I’m sorry, Dad. What am I on?” Kojo enquired with a puzzled look.

“Yes, boy! What are you on? What is it; heroin, weed, cocaine, ecstasy, what is it? Tell me.” Mr. Appiah clarified still not looking at Kojo.

Kojo bowed his head in disbelief. How could his father reach such a conclusion so fast? He knew his actions were completely wrong and uncalled for and too extreme maybe, but it did not mean he was on drugs or anything of that sort. He regretted what he did, but his father broke his heart with that thought.

“Young man will snap out of whatever world you’re in and tell me what’s going on with you?” Mr. Appiah fired at his son and jolted him out of his thoughts.

“Dad, I’m not on drugs. How can you even say that? I know I was wrong but I was just looking…”

“Oh, shut up, you ingrate I call a son. What has gotten into you these days? You think I haven’t noticed the change in your behaviour? Looking at us from the corner of your eyes each time you see us together. You won’t even eat breakfast with us. In fact, you won’t eat anything if Ashorkor was the one who prepared it. Is there anything you know about this lady that you think I should know?”

Sigh. “Dad, I’m sorry okay. Trust me, I truly am sorry for what I did. I don’t know why I feel like she is up to no good. That’s how these young ladies go about duping innocent and unsuspecting grownups. I just don’t want you to be a victim. That’s all”, Kojo replied.

“Or, you just don’t want me to be happy?” Mr. Appiah pressed on.

“Don’t say that, please. You know you’re all I’ve got. You are all Esi and I have since mom passed away. Why on earth wouldn’t I want you to be happy? Mom would even turn in her grave if she sees me trying to impede your happiness.” Kojo poured out. His eyes were teary, he felt bad for giving his father such negative impressions about himself.

“Leave your mother out of this, young man. If you cared about her or me you wouldn’t have pulled that stunt you pulled earlier. Now listen to me; Ashorkor and I are together whether you like it or not. If you can’t stand it then maybe it’s a signal for you to get your own place. Otherwise, stay out of our way. Just so you know, I appreciate you looking out for me but I don’t need a babysitter.” Mr. Appiah firmly said.

“Understood, Dad. I’ll stay out of your way, I promise. Forgive me.” Kojo apologized.

Kojo took a deep breath and fell backward on his bed. He mistakenly hit his head on the wooden pillar at the edge of the bed and bit his tongue. “Ouch! Oh, not you too! After everything, you can’t even spare me for today?” Kojo groaned as he questioned the spirit of his mother. He imagined that his mother’s ghost made him hit his head that hard as punishment for trying to ruin his father’s happiness. “Okay, fine! I’ll stay out of their way,” he said aloud and hissed.

Kojo got up to go and apologize to Ashorkor. He put on a sleeveless round neck t-shirt to cover his chest to be respectful.

“Ashorkor, I can’t tell him to leave my house, what kind of father will be if I do that? Where is he going to go if I drive him out? Come on my love don’t be insensitive.” Mr. Appiah said from inside the room.

“What do you mean where is he going to go, Appiah? That’s a twenty-nine-year-old man living under your roof. He is gainfully employed for Christ’s sakes, Appiah. He can take care of himself.” Came Ashorkor’s reply from inside.

Kojo stood at the door frozen; his hand was still hanging in the air, he didn’t know whether to go ahead and knock or to turn around and leave. Slowly he dropped his hand and turned around.

To be continued…