Apart from the fan in the hall, rotating its axis, the only sound she could hear was the TV. Did this family know nothing about energy conservation? By family, she meant her ‘soon-to-be mother in-law’, because Kojo was energy conscious. She thought as she looked around, wondering where they could all be.

Ever since the line went dead she had been calling Kojo to no avail. Her calls finally go through and Kojo was not answering. Of course, every human will be scared. Did they rush someone to the hospital hurriedly? Dear Lord, keep them safe.

She thought about calling out Kojo’s name from the hall, but decided against it. Which visitor shouts in someone’s house? She didn’t want to draw attention to herself. Well, she’d go and come back when Kojo returns her calls. She was stopped in her tracks. She thought she heard a voice. She really did, no hallucinating.  It came from upstairs. Her inquisitive self paddled her up the stairs towards her sweetheart’s room.

The voice got audible with every step she took on the stairs. It sounded like a cry for help. Is Kojo in trouble? Has the house been raided by robbers? Should I call the police? Is he cheating on me with that… that… that…

Shut up and think positive, you should be ashamed of yourself. Her inner self harshly berated.

As she got closer and the voice became clearer. She was not sure what to make of it now, it sounded more like a moan, than a cry for help. The closer she got, the louder and irritating the sound. A female sound coming from Kojo’s room?

She turned the door knob, it was locked. She knocked on it and placed her ear on the door. No, it is not eavesdropping when her Kojo was involved. Whew, there is no sound. Which means Mr. Appiah is back. A few hours and he is already…

“YES! OH MY GOD!! YES….KOJO YES!” the voice came again. That caught her attention.

Rose turned in the direction of the voice; it was from the other room. That’s not his room. She tiptoed towards that door and put her eye to the keyhole, blanched and pulled away immediately.

“No. No. No… that’s not him.”

In there was Kojo, stark naked, seated on the bed with his back to toward the door. No, he was not dressing up after a shower. Ashorkor’s head was buried in between his thighs, moving up and down in a rhythmic order. Kojo had his fingers massaging her head lightly, his head raised up to the ceiling. She could bet his eyes were closed. The two were lost in their own world. She put her eye there again to confirm that she was not going crazy.

Every moan, groan out of his mouth axed at her heart. Every unintelligible sound froze her heart. No, this is not happening to me at this time.

“OH MY…” She gritted, willing to keep her presence a secret.

Slowly, she opened the door, took out her phone and videotaped the two people who were killing her as the seconds went. Ashorkor was now bent over, her hand held the head of the bed tightly. Kojo moved in and out of her from behind as she threw her head back moaning like she had no cares. Of course she had none at all. If she did, she’d have cared that people might hear them.

With care, she closed the door and tiptoed back to the hall and out of the house. No, she will not waste her tears on them.

The fornicator and the adulterer eventually ended their charade and collapsed on the bed. Smiling gleefully and looking into each other’s eyes like honeymooners who had just had their feel of each other for the first time.

“Wasn’t that hard, was it?” came Ashorkor’s devilish voice with that seductive smile.

“I don’t know what took me so long” Came Kojo’s rather shocking reply.

With quirked eyebrows, “Look who just found his confidence.”

Kojo smiled and pulled her into his arms again. “So where do we go from here?” he asked almost like a whisper.

“It depends on how well you behave yourself. There’s so much to enjoy if only you’d be a good boy.”

“You know I’m a good boy; just say the word and it’s done.” Kojo smirked and stole a kiss.

She deepened the kiss which led to the second round of their lovemaking and the third. That was when the thought of Rose stole in his thoughts; Kojo shrugged it off before guilt engulfed him.

He thought about his father and how furious he would be ‘if’ he found out. I tried to warn him but he thought I was the enemy… I guess was the enemy after all.

I’m sorry mum but this was too hard to resist, you know I tried to stop it from the beginning, he muttered under his breath.

Slowly, he crept out of the room, leaving a sleeping satisfied Ashorkor on the carpet. He froze in front of the door and shook his head. It was impossible for her to be here. His mind was trying to play tricks on him. His conscience made him smell her perfume.

In his room, he dashed to his ensuite to wash down. Coming back to see a lot of missed calls from Rose, he called her. She answered almost immediately the phone rang.

“Hi dear.” She said almost too cheerily.

“Hey monkey; where have you been all day? I haven’t heard from you today.”

“Seriously? After all the calls I’ve left you? I should be asking you where you’ve been.”

“Missed calls? I’m sorry; I was busy in the garden. I left my phone in the room.” He lied faster Ananias and Saphira.

“I see. So you’re done with your gardening duties?”

“Yes I’m done now. And I was wondering if…”

“Kojo, darling I’m sorry I have to go now. My dad just walked in. I’ll call later.” She hanged up before Kojo could hear her break down and cry. It was difficult to act normal when all she wanted to do was wail.

“That was weird” he shrugged.

“Who said I can’t I have them both?” he sniggered and fell onto the bed.

He was almost asleep when he heard the front gate open. He got up immediately and looked through his window –“JESUS CHRIST!” he screamed. As he got down quickly in his boxer shorts to meet his father. He stopped in the hall and turned the TV off before he got out.

“Dad! I heard you were coming back tomorrow. What a surprise.” He couldn’t keep calm.

“Yea what a surprise right? I bet you weren’t expecting me any time soon.” Mr Appiah replied, smiling.

“No. I mean not until tomorrow; besides that’s what your princess told me.” He tried very hard to maintain his composure.

“Well, here I am now and I ain’t no ghost. Hahahaha” came Mr Appiah’s reply.

Tried as he could, he could not shake that feeling that something was amiss. Ah well, if his father had finally decided to let sleeping dogs lie and revert back to the best friends they were once were, who was he to refuse.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” Kojo enquired.

“Ah! Yes. I need a chilled glass of water, thank you.” Mr Appiah replied, still cheerful. “Boy, it feels good to be home.” Jeez this is creepy.

“There you go.” Kojo presented a tray with a glass of water to him.

He gulped the water like he had just finished a marathon and belched so loudly. “Thank you my son. Now where are my princesses?” He enquired when Kojo returned from the kitchen.

“Uh… Esi is with Aunt Stacey and Ashorkor, I mean Aunt Ashorkor is upstairs I suppose.”

“Well. What am I doing here then, I need to see her; you can’t imagine how much I’ve missed her.” He said and got to leave.

“Kojo. I think it’s about time we talked. You’re no longer a child.” Mr Appiah uttered, with all the seriousness he could muster and left a gaping Kojo in his wake.


Final episode drops soon…