Kojo turned annoyingly in his bed as the rays from the sun burned his eyes through the window. Who could have possibly set out to ruin his perfectly planned Saturday morning like this? – he imagined. He sleepily opened one eye to see who had set out to be his devil that morning before he rained the insults piling up on his head.

“Esi,” he said with disappointment. “What are you doing home? Shouldn’t you be in school today?” he enquired.

“Today is Saturday and there’s no Saturday class because our teacher said he is travelling”, the twelve-year-old answered with glee and exited the room – not cognizant of the fact if he were any other person he’d have received the beating of his life.

Kojo got up with a huge bulge in his boxer shorts and made it to the washroom to perform his early morning ritual. He regretted telling Esi to come open his curtains every morning. He came back to his room and not believe what his eyes met. His dirty clothes were all over the place – he could’ve sworn he packed them into the basket before going to the party last night. His perfectly arranged shoes were spread all over the place, the bedside lamp which stood on the left side of his bed was lying on the floor – he doubted it was still functioning.

With his confusion, he opened his fridge to get a bottle of water to calm him down.

“NO! Not the chocolates” Kojo exclaimed when he saw all the chocolates he stocked the fridge were gone.

He stormed out of his room, he knew exactly who was behind all these – Esi. As much he loved his kid sister, she always found a way to bring the worst out of him. She had succeeded in ruining his perfectly planned Saturday morning, messed up his room completely while he was out and she had the impetus to eat all his chocolates without even leaving one. “She’s dead”, Kojo muttered under his breath as descended the stairs.

“Esi!” He called out angrily. “Esi, where are you?!” he shouted again when he didn’t see Esi in her room. “Where could she have disappeared to? Wherever she is, I’m going to find her and she won’t like me today” Kojo said on his way out of Esi’s room.

“There you are. How dare you Esi? Don’t ever let me see go into my room again is that clear? The next time you try…”

“Kojo! What is wrong with you? Why are you yelling at your little sister and disrespecting my guest this morning? Where are your manners, young man?” Kojo’s Dad – Mr. Appiah – cut him short before he could finish threatening Esi.

“Daddy, you won’t believe…”, Kojo was about to tell his Dad what atrocities Esi had committed when he caught a glimpse of his father’s guest. He looked at the young lady for the second time and he could not utter a word for the next fifteen seconds.

Seated beside his father was the most beautiful lady he had seen. She had her hair trimmed, her makeup mild, with red lipstick to expose her beautiful white teeth when she smiled. She wore a black pencil skirt that ended just above her knees and exposed some spotless long and fair legs that rested gently in 3.5 high heels. It fit her feet perfectly as though they were designed solely for her feet. She matched her skirt with an African made “Kaba”. She looked radiantly beautiful. Kojo concluded that she was in her late twenties. But how did his father have such a beautiful lady for a friend?

“I’m sorry, Dad. I didn’t realize you had a guest. Hello, Ma’am”, Kojo managed to say trying very hard to hide his surprise.

“It’s alright, my son. By the way, I want you to meet my princess, Ashorkor. We’ve been seeing each other for the past three weeks and we’ve decided to take it to the next level.”

“Girl what?” Kojo asked in his mind. What on earth could a fifty-two-year-old man be doing with a lady who looked like she could be his daughter? Kojo tried very hard to hide his disdain but the look on his face gave him away. He looked at the lady she had admired some fifteen seconds ago and all that came to his mind was “Gold Digger”.

“Hi, Miss Ashorkor. Welcome to our home.” Kojo said with a fake smile as he stretched his hand for a handshake. Ashorkor took his hand slowly and got the shock of her life.  Kojo squeezed Ashorkor’s hand in an unfriendly manner. She just smiled and endured the pain. Kojo let go after a while and exited the parlour. He was going to deal with this home wrecker, even if it was the last thing he did.

As days grew into weeks and weeks into months, Ashorkor moved into the house. She tried everything she could to make Kojo see she was not in to dupe his father. The harder she tried, the more unwelcoming Kojo’s reception was towards her. It came as a surprise to her when she woke on one Friday morning to see Kojo already at the dining table. He would usually wait till everyone had left before he would come and have his breakfast. This happened on days he had nowhere to go. Otherwise, he would leave without having breakfast to avoid having to deal with Ashorkor’s presence. Ashorkor turned to leave when she saw Kojo there to give him his privacy.

“You don’t have to go, Ashorkor. I don’t mind.” Kojo said with a smile that looked genuine as he took another sip of the coffee in the black mug he was holding.

The look on Ashorkor’s face when she heard what Kojo said was more than shock. Did she sleep on a different side of her bed last night? Was she dreaming? Did Kojo come home with a lady last night to put him in a such a good mood this morning? She smiled and turned around.

“Good morning, Kojo. Did you sleep well?” She asked with every confidence she could muster. If Kojo was going to be nice to her then she might as well return the favor.

“I did. Thanks for asking. What about you; did you also sleep well?” Kojo enquired.

“I did”, Ashorkor replied still smiling.

“So, my Dad said he was travelling for the weekend. That’s too bad right, this whole big house just for the two of us.” Kojo said with a sarcastic tone.

“Yeah, too bad. But we won’t be alone since Esi will be around to give the house some light”, Ashorkor answered.

“Yeah about that, I’ve sent her to my grandmother for the weekend. So, it leaves the two of us. Well, technically, it leaves only you because I wouldn’t be around too. I’ve got some business to take care of so you’d live here all by yourself. Unless you also have somewhere to go”, Kojo said with a wry smile.

“I guess I will be alone in this house for the weekend since I have nowhere to go”, Ashorkor said and exited the kitchen.

She felt something was off, Kojo sending Esi off to her grandmother for the weekend, and he being out of town for the entire weekend on the very weekend his father too was out of town – something was definitely off. She shrugged the thought off her mind and went back to her room. She had gone to the kitchen to prepare something for when Esi woke up but since she was not around, Esi decided to rest. After all, it was just her at home. Kojo would be leaving anytime soon. She went straight into her room, slammed her body on the bed and off she drifted to sleep. Kojo, on the other hand, got some things into his backpack and exited the house about two hours later.

The security light was on, the dogs lay at the front of the house and the gate was locked. Kojo brought out his key and opened the gate silently.  He tiptoed into the house so as not to attract any attention. The light in his father’s room was on. “Wait, that’s the light he uses when he was spending time with Ashorkor” – he thought. “Why is that light on? Who could be there with that gold digger? He took off his shoes to be able to walk silently into the room.

He got to the parlour; the whole place messed up – a half drank bottle of wine on the center table with two glasses half filled. A male’s Denim pair of trousers was on the long couch. He took a closer look and just beside it was a brazier. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he had suspected Ashorkor was up to no good but he did not think she would reveal herself this early.

He angrily made his way upstairs to his father’s bedroom, still making sure he didn’t attract any attention to himself. He wanted to catch her red-handed in the shameful act of infidelity. “God help that loser of a man who thinks he can go around sleeping with other people’s spouses in their matrimonial homes”. – he said angrily under his breath.

He got to the door of the room, his heartbeat increased. He was sweating all over and boiling with rage; he could kill a human being at the instant. He pushed the door open with every bit of strength in him.

“JESUS CHRIST!” Came a terrified voice from inside the room.

To be continued….