Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Sebitically Romantic Ho Experience

For the few lucky people like me who were involved in planning the event, Romancing Ho Sebitically was not just a one day, few hours, event but a weekend trip that entailed many “romantic” happenings. The reading event itself was the best icing on the cake for an excellent finishing.

Reflections – One Year of Writing About Writing

As I grew as a writer, I yearned for the opportunity to get published in a newspaper. When my work began to get a...

Writing-Worthy Lessons From A Movie

Last weekend, my friend Perk recommended a movie to me. “You’d love it”, he convinced me. “It is about writing”, he added. And that...

Behold! I Was Tickled Sebitically

The book reading initiative is one of the best things that this country has. As I read feedback from people on Facebook, I wish and pray that the readings will grow bigger and better and permeate all parts of the Ghanaian society. I hope and pray the reading culture will catch on with as many people.

What Does Fulfilment Mean To the Writer?

Fulfilment is one of the biggest life quests. Many a people want to know how to experience more fulfilment, happiness, and meaning. Most people...

The Most Loved Writer in Ghana – And How She Does It

Without any doubt, Maukeni Padiki Kodjo is the most loved writer in Ghana. This is no exaggeration; she knows it, her readers know it...

Nine Literary Events Happening In Accra In October

October is turning out to be a month filled with a lot of literary activities, especially in Accra. My aim is to share as...

Two PhD Candidates Fall In Love; It’s Love At First Reading

It had been a leisurely walk up the tree-lined University Avenue from the Kwame Nkrumah Institute of African Studies (IAS). We had walked to...

Thank You, Apiorkor, For The Matriarch’s Verse

I could not find a word to describe last week Friday so I coined one. Literaritastic! (literary + fantastic). The Matriarch's Verse – a...

My Reflections after the Literary Café with Kofi Akpabli

For an author who communicates the culture of Ghana through writing, Akpabli was the best choice.The reading furnished our minds with knowledge about Ghana.