Friday, September 20, 2019
Manasseh Azure Awuni

Nana Elikem Reviews: The Launch of “Letters to My Future Wife” by Manasseh Azure...

The launch of Letters to My Future Wife, a book written by Manasseh Azure Awuni, happened on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Read all about it here

Lit Is Not Enough To Describe It: A Review of the KeniKodjo Meet Up

It was about the loyalty of the KeniKodjo blog readers. At the end of the event, one thing was confirmed. Keni Kodjo has the best readers in the world!

The Sebitically Romantic Ho Experience

For the few lucky people like me who were involved in planning the event, Romancing Ho Sebitically was not just a one day, few hours, event but a weekend trip that entailed many “romantic” happenings. The reading event itself was the best icing on the cake for an excellent finishing.

My Reflections after the Literary Café with Kofi Akpabli

For an author who communicates the culture of Ghana through writing, Akpabli was the best choice.The reading furnished our minds with knowledge about Ghana.

Writing About Writing: The Woes of a First Timer

Do not wait to have perfect conditions before you start. Beginning makes the conditions perfect. I am glad I overcame my fears and took the first step.
Liz Johnson

Writing About Writing: Cheers, Liz

I chose to interview Liz as my first featured personality because I am celebrating her for one year of being the producer of the radio show. Read on...

Behold! I Was Tickled Sebitically

The book reading initiative is one of the best things that this country has. As I read feedback from people on Facebook, I wish and pray that the readings will grow bigger and better and permeate all parts of the Ghanaian society. I hope and pray the reading culture will catch on with as many people.

The Power of A Signature: The Story of When I Received My First Autograph

For me, I found an even greater reason to get autographs, preserve them and even sign some myself. In retrospection, my experience the first autograph I got was not a case of star lust; it was a matter of what is referred to as “cosmic contact”.

‘’Time for Colombia to be in Africa’’: A Report on the 6th PAWA Annual...

Have you ever wondered what relationship exists between Africa and countries of African descent in the western hemisphere? I did not until I heard...
reading revolution

Readers Beget Readers: A Call to All to Join the Reading Revolution

The reading revolution is catching on. Currently, there is an increased awareness about the importance of reading than there was before. Social media is...