Monday, October 21, 2019

Why I relocated to Madagascar as a fisherman

A quick scan of the room revealed a gallon of anointing oil and several unhappy faces. The saddest faces were my parents’.

Mental health – demystifying the psychiatric hospital

Telemo hitmaker, Gasmilla, has questioned why Ghanaians are making so much noise on social media over rappers who don't even match up to him. The Abodatui man further went to say he's the greatest on the planet and is even better than Nigerian rap deity M.I., Ghanaian BET winner Sarkodie and world-acclaimed Afrocentric lyricist M.anifest combined.

Winning to lose

  It is 7:50 am. You are at Circle, Accra. You are going to Madina. There are about 12 people also going to Madina and...

Finding the Hole

The art and act of finding the hole is one that has separated boys from men for centuries. Youngins and novices have incensed many...

Flash Fiction: When You Go to Rome…

I turned round to see if anybody else was standing, aside me. Nobody was. Even the ushers had connived to betray me...they were all seated and were obviously enjoying the disgrace that was unfolding in my life.

Flash Fiction: SMH.

Can you believe this robber took the fruits? And ran away with them? Imagine that: a gun-wielding robber running away with fruits. Lmao! 

The Beauty in Our Stars

Tears started rolling down his cheek. His mom told him how his father missed this chance to see him only because he was busy in some far away country on a business trip.

The Kwame Phenomenon: My Answers

I tried to diagnose his whatever-you-wish-to-call-it. Stupidity? No. Kwame is one of the smartest men I know, and much of what I know today, he taught me. Sick in the head? No. He has no medical history of mental illness. Possessed? There are many others like him. Surely, they could all not be inhabited by the same demon? Surely there should be a logical explanation to ‘The Kwame Phenomenon’? – I asked myself. So I began my search for answers.


Finding schoolkids stranded was not something too strange but when it involved the Balogun boys, it was a big deal.


"...That was when it started somersorted. It somersort three times front, then two left. Then last show, it somersort back.”