Saturday, August 17, 2019

Unrealistic Expectations: Five Things Your Pastor Cannot Do For You

If I were to compare my childhood impression of a pastor to anything, I would say a pastor is a superman.

The Christian Student Life: A Fragmented Whole

One of the most confusing clichés in the Christian community on the university campus is that the Christian student is a full-time Christian and...

Leadership Is Overrated

There is a certain group of people that are usually overlooked in the success stories of organizations.

How I Struggled with Confessing my Sins

God is not a man. Neither does He operate as a man. Let's avoid looking at Him as a man. Also, let's detach his ways of dealing with us from man's ways of dealing with us.

You Are Not Worthless

Think of yourselves as physical assets. Tell yourself that you are not worthless no matter how you feel or no matter how someone is making you feel. Rather, recycle your disappointments, mistakes and failures into raw materials. Use them. Do not let them be your disadvantage. Let them be your springboard - your motivation - to attain greater heights.

You Can’t Handle The Truth

Seeing that we are in an election period, the politicians have ganged up against us to give us what is described as the three types of lies; lies, damn lies and statistics.

Rule Your World

Though I might not be able to do much about THE WORLD, I can do something about MY WORLD.

It’s A New Day

It’s a NEW day! I have been super excited about this morning. I wondered why until I gathered that it is the thrill of starting...

Who Is In Your Corner?

As the president of the University of Cape Coast chapter of the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students (GHAFES-UCC), one of my responsibilities was to...
Pepper Dem Ministries

I Speak of Pepper, Burning Tongues & Reactions

The Pepper Dem Ministries like every ideological group is not perfect. First, the biases of the group blind them to some important considerations thereby...