Friday, September 20, 2019
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Be The Judge: Prose Banter – Kossi Akplah Vs Nana Elikem

Exactly two years ago, as part of activities in a young writers’ Whatsapp group we belong to, Kossi and I engaged in a prose...

Karma to the Professorial Degree

It was the biggest and best day in his academic and professional life. He would be honoured as an associate professor at the DoRight...

Shade #1: A Karma Day In Court

My mind was made up. Reasonable doubt and all the other legal rules and terms meant nothing to me at that point. What was about to go down in the courtroom was a mere procedure. Karma was about to pay Mr. Manu back for his wickedness; full measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

Shade #3: One Good Turn Deserves Another

I was stuck in the washroom – the females’ washroom! All the possible embarrassing scenarios played out in my mind. The worst one scared me: I would be found in the females’ washroom and accused of being a pervert. On top of all that, everyone would know that I poop-soiled my pants. I prayed to God. I did not know what to ask him but I knew he had to do something. If not for anything at all, for the act of kindness I just exhibited in class.

Shade #5: Karma Has The Last Laugh, Always

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. Karma has her own way of handling matters. Don't set yourself up through a payback.

Shade #6: Karma at Kejetia

Kwaku was right; karma was real. But this one was too painful. I did not have even one cedi to pick a bus back to school. I wiped my silent tears, threw the earphones into a gutter in anger and began the 15-kilometre walk back to KNUST. 

Shade #7: A Victim of Karma’s Wrong Meat

I still maintain that I am a consequence of Karma getting it wrong the first time. If only she caught up with Paa Kow for his own wrong doing, I would not be here today. A wrong meat! That’s what I am.

Words of the Wind (A 2eweboys E-book) – Download Now!

The Story Behind Words of the Wind Owing to the fact that both of us (Nana Elikem and Kossi Akplah) have become busy due to...

Shade #2: Tight Or Loose

The soldier whom he thought was too good to invade Naa’s territory because it was too vast was now too weak to even get on his feet. He bemoaned all the pleasures he would not enjoy in his foreseeable future for his infirmity sake but more painfully, he regretted not taking his chances with Naa that night.

Shade #4: Karsthma in the Bank

...Madam, if I don’t get my money in the next few minutes, all of us in this bank will wear one dross.” A white child who was waiting in the banking hall with his mum asked her, “Mummy, what’s dross?”