Friday, September 20, 2019
Old With Fear

Alas, I Am Old With Fear And Scarred Forever 

Grandpa’s old troski laid there idle. An idea sprung to mind. “Today is a holiday. Why not take advantage of the lax police presence...
Growing Up

Book Review: Growing Up

Title: Growing Up (an anthology of everyday experiences from everyday people) Authors: Elikem M. Aflakpui & Leslie A. Akplah Year of Publication: 2016 Number of pages: 134 Publisher:...
friendships - 2eweboys

Invest In Your Friendships

One person made a simple but powerful statement. He said, "GUYS, WE NEED TO INVEST IN FRIENDSHIPS." Support and encourage their dreams and aspirations.

Book Review: Words of the Wind – Review By Fathiya Inusah

Words of the Wind is your go-to book for infotainment. It is entertaining and informative.Have you read Words of the Wind? If no, download for free

The Flaw In Justice

Henceforth we can conclude that forgiveness is the purest form of justice anyone can receive under the banner of true love.

The Bully

With Amina now gone forever, who was going to protect me from Kukrudu the bully? I was in constant fear, not knowing when Kukrudu would strike again. 
new beginnings

The Uncharted Waters of New Beginnings

As the New Year begins, most of us are subjected to a plethora of new beginnings: new resolutions to carry through, new philosophies, new...

Batman In Retrospect

A lot of individuals usually dismiss fiction with the excuse that it is outside reality. However, we forget that every invention, original idea or...

The Currency of Change

Sometimes, the problems in our lives are not actually the problem. The problem lies in how we see these problems. 

A Story of The Sun, The Moon & My Love

It is said that long ago, in the kingdom of the big blue sky, there lived two sisters, sun and moon. They were the prettiest and most wonderful maidens in all of the big blue sky. They loved...