Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Two weeks later “Mr. Appiah I’m tired oo." Rose uncrossed and crossed her legs and continued, "I can no longer continue with this charade. Every...

The Currency of Change

Sometimes, the problems in our lives are not actually the problem. The problem lies in how we see these problems. 

Living A Simple Life And The Pursuit of Happiness

Some individuals may be confused and even relate minimalism to the possibility of leading an individual to abject poverty or a life of destitute. A friend once told me this and I smiled as he expressed an irrational fear following this path and dying a pauper... Well, I have news for you, this is a hasty generalization and a misconception as there are countless rich people who walk the minimalist path, and this concept isn’t emptiness for the sake of emptiness but rather making room to move freely, think clearly and open ourselves to the beauty and wonder of life.

Daddy’s Princess VI

Kojo awoke with a start. Groggily, he opened his eyes to behold who dared disturb his sleep this early. He should be preparing for...

Book Review: Words of the Wind – Review By Fathiya Inusah

Words of the Wind is your go-to book for infotainment. It is entertaining and informative.Have you read Words of the Wind? If no, download for free

6 Lashes

It was 6 years ago, but I remember it vividly as though it were only yesterday. The place was Mfantsipim School. I was in...

The First And Last Night (II)

Read the first part of this story here: The First And Last Night (I) "Oh no! Not now!" Sasha exclaims! “Crap!” I respond in the same...
new beginnings

The Uncharted Waters of New Beginnings

As the New Year begins, most of us are subjected to a plethora of new beginnings: new resolutions to carry through, new philosophies, new...

Female Intuition Or Paranoia: Either Ways, A Girl Can’t Be Wrong

My name is Aggor Yorm. First of all, I would like you to know that I am not afraid to express myself creatively about...

Setting Your Life Sail― Why I Have A Crush On PJ’s Motto

Somewhere in 2003, I entered the best school in Ghana as a freshman. Well, if you doubt we are the best, you can go...