Sunday, May 26, 2019

Happy New Year, Brother Djato

Djato had a habit of staying in bed late on New Year days. “It’s a day of reflection”, he would tell himself....

A Wife’s Grace

Jojo’s whole world came to a standstill as he listened to Adesewaa’s rants.

Death By Beauty

I felt cursed. Yes, cursed! Yet I wanted worse. I could not stand the punishment God decided to favour me with that morning. To me, death was a better option.

My Santa Came Through For Me

“If only Santa granted wishes to grown-ups too”

A 50 Word Story: Bed 23

Each day of that week, death neutralized at least one soul in the ward. Strangely, only patients with odd numbered beds died. After examining him...

A 50 Word Story: Jollof Over Friendship

David and Jonathan would look less of friends if anyone saw what I had with Nii. Well, we were whatever we were until yesterday....

Mirror Mirror On The Wall – A Journey of Self Discovery

The mirror both enchanted and frightened Grace. The fascination of having a device that is able to tell her exactly what she looks like...

Guilty Pleasure

Shameless Blameless Fun

The Pastor’s Stringkerchief

The congregation was all fired up in praise. It was very unusual for Pastor Kossi to join the congregation in dancing. The songs were...

Be Careful What You Wish For Others

They were about to make love in the shower, Elikem and his new wife, when the door creaked open slowly and they saw a gun pointed at them. They wondered what was happening