Monday, October 14, 2019
Patrick Fynn

Patrick Fynn and the Ghana Gnashing Boys Association

Long before Patrick Fynn became the Casanova he is today, he was the president of a group called the Ghana Gnashing Boys Association (GGBA).

The Priest, The Goat and The Confession

Goats have become very common in our national discourse. I have heard so much about them that I see them in all my latest...

Some Things Are Too Good To Be True

I was disappointed at myself too. How could I not have seen beyond his fa├žade? I was too gullible. I could have known he was too good to be true.

Red Means Go (A Ghanaian Girl’s First Menstrual Experience)

All through her childhood, Kokui used to wake up in the night and wish for the sun. The darkness of the night tortured her....

We All Have A Relative Who Is Not Family

We all have a relative who is not family. Like Uncle Joe. It still does not change the fact that a man I thought was my uncle is now my brother-in-law.

A 50 Word Story: A Sorry Apology

This apology is like pepper in a sore

Flash Fiction: We Find Love In Strange Places

Mondays mornings... Sigh! Don't we all hate the first day of the week? Read this short story about who a young lady who had given up on love found it again

Boundless Love. Boundless Tears

I tried to feed my wife the last spoon of soup. I smiled at her as I signaled her to open her mouth. I...

Holy Sister Lizzy – The Perfect Hypocrite

Sister Lizzy, my roommate in my last year in the university, was one of the few ladies I looked up to when I was...

Cinderella: A Remake of the Popular Fairytale

... A few minutes to midnight, Cinderella gave the handsome prince a kiss he would never forget. Then, she took off! The prince ran...