Monday, October 21, 2019

The Year After (4/4): Big Bad Family Reunion

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here as one big family to witness the solemnization of holy matrimony between our brother, Koku Zamedo, and our...
Dr. Ntim

The Year After (3/4): Revealed

Koku was welcomed into Dr. Ntim’s office by welcoming smile from the receptionist, Abigail. “He’s quite busy now. I will let you know you are...

The Year After (2/4): Silence. Perfect Silence

They had dinner in silence. The silence was a poison to them. For in that void of sound the shallowness of their conversation was laid...

The Year After (1/4): Dinner For Three

Koku swaggered into Linda’s apartment like he was the landlord. He was excited, not only about seeing his girlfriend but also about the fact...
Death Had Nothing On Him

Death Had Nothing On Him

A boom sound startled Jerry out of his sleep. The sound was in unison with the thunder which accompanied the night-long rain. His cheeks...

Even My Crush Had A Crush

A distraction in the boring Mathematics lecture I was sitting in was the best thing that happened to me that Friday morning. However, I...

10 Reasons Patrick Fynn will be the Worst Doctor of All Time

This is my last installment of writing centered around my good friend, Patrick Fynn. In the past four weeks, I have described him mostly...

Patrick Fynn and His Deaf Fiancée

No man should beat a woman, talk less of beating her the way I beat my fiancée. Kossi, it was that bad. I am afraid she may have become deaf
Doctor Patrick Fynn

Doctor Patrick Fynn and the Diagnostic Computer at the Kumasi Mall

There's a diagnostic computer called Doctor Computer. All it requires is a urine sample and it will tell you what's wrong and what to do about it.

Patrick Fynn and the Lottery Prayer

After Patrick Fynn had squandered the proceeds from the sale his first book, “You Are on Your Own”, last year, being broke turned him...