Monday, October 14, 2019

Morons Deserve No Eulogy

"My father, Agya Appiah, whose mortal remains lay before us today, was a moron". This is how Lilly began her tribute to her late father at his funeral.

Getting Rid of Daddy’s Little Demon

When I regained consciousness, I was sitting on my dad’s stomach, thrusting the metal rod into his chest over and over and cursing him and his demon. Some of the church folks tried to get me off him but for some inexplicable reason, I was stronger than them all combined. I cried while I stabbed him three more times. It was painful but somewhere deep within, it felt good.

Countdown to the Elections: See You Later Isn’t Goodbye

Goodbye - He crowned his little dance off with President Mahama’s dab and gave one final jump into the sky. The car vanished from the horizon.
Dr. Ntim

The Year After (3/4): Revealed

Koku was welcomed into Dr. Ntim’s office by welcoming smile from the receptionist, Abigail. “He’s quite busy now. I will let you know you are...

The Second Coming Of Admiral

He raised me as a boy; in fact he raised me as an army recruit. He ran the house like a garrison. I was familiar with every military term and drill and woe betide me that I strayed from his strict discipline.
Patrick Fynn

Patrick Fynn and the Ghana Gnashing Boys Association

Long before Patrick Fynn became the Casanova he is today, he was the president of a group called the Ghana Gnashing Boys Association (GGBA).

Independence Reading: Life Is Lived In Circles

“Take me home”, Akasi ordered. She was already in the front seat of the car, her seatbelt locked in. I stood outside the car; shocked....

Mirror Mirror On The Wall – A Journey of Self Discovery

The mirror both enchanted and frightened Grace. The fascination of having a device that is able to tell her exactly what she looks like...

Flash Fiction: We Find Love In Strange Places

Mondays mornings... Sigh! Don't we all hate the first day of the week? Read this short story about who a young lady who had given up on love found it again
church chronicle

Church Chronicles II: Back-Benching my beloved church, back-benching is the correctional facility