Sunday, March 24, 2019

Patrick Fynn and His Deaf Fiancée

No man should beat a woman, talk less of beating her the way I beat my fiancée. Kossi, it was that bad. I am afraid she may have become deaf

Independence Reading: Life Is Lived In Circles

“Take me home”, Akasi ordered. She was already in the front seat of the car, her seatbelt locked in. I stood outside the car; shocked....


The salon was filled. There were women of different shapes, shades and sizes. At the far right corner, a fat woman complained bitterly about her husband...

A Wife’s Grace

Jojo’s whole world came to a standstill as he listened to Adesewaa’s rants.

Let’s Go To Atiavi

Lo and behold! There was Korshiwor lying on the bed with a big grin on her face. Kporsu did not know whether to be happy that she was there, half naked, in his room or to be angry for the fact that she did not show up as they planned. Korshiwor, discerning Kporsu’s state of mind, rose up and walked to her boyfriend. The young man’s senses were disarmed by the voluptuous body that was approaching him.

Adopted Mothers Beget Adopted Daughters

Barbara did not know how to react to the information she had received about her adoption. But she knew better to respond in a gratuitous manner. With tears on her face, she turned to check on her daughter. She knew that in some few years to come, she would also be rendering the same explanation and apology to little Akosua.

The Day After Valentine’s: A Tale of Four Men Sharing A Taxi

Blessed is the man who has a lonely valentine for he shall know peace the day after valentine

Guilty Pleasure

Shameless Blameless Fun
church chronicle

Church Chronicles I: Sins The Pastor Detests

''Oh, Deaconess, don't worry about that... You know we are all susceptible to small sins like this”,
church chronicle

Church Chronicles II: Back-Benching my beloved church, back-benching is the correctional facility