Sunday, August 18, 2019

No Boobs; No Votes (A #NoBraDay Short Story)

She smiled lustfully at the camera that took the picture of her. The picture was captioned, “Free The Tatas!” Another caption read, “No Boobs, No Votes!”

A Fart Decision

Who would have thought that a fart was what going make all the difference?
church chronicle

Church Chronicles II: Back-Benching my beloved church, back-benching is the correctional facility

Even My Crush Had A Crush

A distraction in the boring Mathematics lecture I was sitting in was the best thing that happened to me that Friday morning. However, I...
Just Like That

Just Like That!

The party was lit! My friends were going crazy. We were all excited about completing our four-year programmes at the university but, clearly, they...

A 50 Word Story: Jollof Over Friendship

David and Jonathan would look less of friends if anyone saw what I had with Nii. Well, we were whatever we were until yesterday....
church chronicle

Church Chronicles I: Sins The Pastor Detests

''Oh, Deaconess, don't worry about that... You know we are all susceptible to small sins like this”,

We All Have A Relative Who Is Not Family

We all have a relative who is not family. Like Uncle Joe. It still does not change the fact that a man I thought was my uncle is now my brother-in-law.

Harrowing Burden of Guilt

Lydia was confused. She did not know whether to hug him for she had longed for the warmth that comes from his chest for far too long... They both stood and watched each other like they were in a mannequin challenge.

The Day I Let My Hair Down

He said, 'Go somewhere; let your hair down and have some fun!' *** As a single mother, I hadn't no greater a resolve than to be...