Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Day I Let My Hair Down

He said, 'Go somewhere; let your hair down and have some fun!' *** As a single mother, I hadn't no greater a resolve than to be...

Cinderella: A Remake of the Popular Fairytale

... A few minutes to midnight, Cinderella gave the handsome prince a kiss he would never forget. Then, she took off! The prince ran...

Mirror Mirror On The Wall – A Journey of Self Discovery

The mirror both enchanted and frightened Grace. The fascination of having a device that is able to tell her exactly what she looks like...

The Year After (1/4): Dinner For Three

Koku swaggered into Linda’s apartment like he was the landlord. He was excited, not only about seeing his girlfriend but also about the fact...

The Second Coming Of Admiral

He raised me as a boy; in fact he raised me as an army recruit. He ran the house like a garrison. I was familiar with every military term and drill and woe betide me that I strayed from his strict discipline.

Adopted Mothers Beget Adopted Daughters

Barbara did not know how to react to the information she had received about her adoption. But she knew better to respond in a gratuitous manner. With tears on her face, she turned to check on her daughter. She knew that in some few years to come, she would also be rendering the same explanation and apology to little Akosua.

Independence Reading: Life Is Lived In Circles

“Take me home”, Akasi ordered. She was already in the front seat of the car, her seatbelt locked in. I stood outside the car; shocked....

Even My Crush Had A Crush

A distraction in the boring Mathematics lecture I was sitting in was the best thing that happened to me that Friday morning. However, I...

Love Brewed In The Examination Hall

As I lifted my head, looking straight at me were the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. Those eyes were so sparkly and full of life I wanted to move over and touch them. She had slender eye brows, and her eye lashes looked velvety. Her pupils were so alive I bet they could sing. I took my focus off those eyes to pay attention to the person carrying those eyes. And there she was. She had what I'd normally call a kind of understated beauty.

Dear Living People: The Paradox of the Reality of Death

When I was alive and young, I thought death was the end of life. And that scared me. There was just so much to life that it was a shame to see it end. I cried a lot when people died. It was difficult to imagine that their lives had come to an end. Even worse, anytime I heard about someone’s death it reminded me that my death was as certain as the second coming of Christ. And just like everyone else, a day and time was to come that death will lay its frosty hands on me.