Monday, October 14, 2019

10 Reasons Patrick Fynn will be the Worst Doctor of All Time

This is my last installment of writing centered around my good friend, Patrick Fynn. In the past four weeks, I have described him mostly...

Morons Deserve No Eulogy

"My father, Agya Appiah, whose mortal remains lay before us today, was a moron". This is how Lilly began her tribute to her late father at his funeral.

Patrick Fynn and His Deaf Fiancée

No man should beat a woman, talk less of beating her the way I beat my fiancée. Kossi, it was that bad. I am afraid she may have become deaf

Patrick Fynn and the Lottery Prayer

After Patrick Fynn had squandered the proceeds from the sale his first book, “You Are on Your Own”, last year, being broke turned him...
Doctor Patrick Fynn

Doctor Patrick Fynn and the Diagnostic Computer at the Kumasi Mall

There's a diagnostic computer called Doctor Computer. All it requires is a urine sample and it will tell you what's wrong and what to do about it.

Harrowing Burden of Guilt

Lydia was confused. She did not know whether to hug him for she had longed for the warmth that comes from his chest for far too long... They both stood and watched each other like they were in a mannequin challenge.

The Day After Valentine’s: A Tale of Four Men Sharing A Taxi

Blessed is the man who has a lonely valentine for he shall know peace the day after valentine

Flash Fiction: We Find Love In Strange Places

Mondays mornings... Sigh! Don't we all hate the first day of the week? Read this short story about who a young lady who had given up on love found it again

Some Things Are Too Good To Be True

I was disappointed at myself too. How could I not have seen beyond his façade? I was too gullible. I could have known he was too good to be true.

Even My Crush Had A Crush

A distraction in the boring Mathematics lecture I was sitting in was the best thing that happened to me that Friday morning. However, I...