I am happy. Let me tell you, there’s a lot in life that can give you these trifling moments of satisfaction: getting high marks in a test, making money, seeing your enemy get public diarrhea, etc.

But little can compare to that feeling of contentment that comes over you, when everything in your life just seems to step forward. Friends, my life is, as they say, popping.

In the last month, I’d stepped up my learning. I had a routine now, more or less, with the Nigerian squad, meeting in one of their rooms to discuss. The damage from the mid-semester has been done: it was unlikely I’d be a first-class student this semester, but that was fine. Sometimes you make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes come in the form of voluptuous deceptive girls, and sometimes it’s your fault. In this case, it was my fault. So I’d accepted my mistakes.

I had Chloe. That was happiness enough in itself, to have someone like that in your life. Every time she laughed at something mundane I said, my mind went blank for a couple of minutes. She was beautiful inside and out.

And most amazing of all, I’d gained weight! Imagine! I was almost 57kg. Me that my parents made sure I would wear heavy desert boots when going out on a windy day, just so I wouldn’t be blown away. Now when someone hugged me, they couldn’t count my ribs. The Lord was good.

So yes, I was happy.

This is the point at which I’d usually tell you about how my house witches came and upended my happiness and threw me back into some dramatic sad situation. But not today. I’m simply here to let you know how happy I was. How happy I am.

I have exams next week. I’m writing this in Chloe’s hostel. She’s sitting with her legs across my lap, head bent over an anatomy textbook. Her face is partly covered by her braids, but I can probably guess how her face looks; eyes screwed almost shut in concentration, biting her lower lip. In a few minutes she’ll look up and annoyingly snap at me, “You’re looking at me? You won’t learn?”

I’ll say something amusing in return, and she’ll laugh. She’s really quite beautiful when she laughs, did I mention?

In about an hour, I’ll walk back to my room, not giddily excited like I’ve been in the past, but content.

The semester started out rockily, and my life here has been like a mixture of a Korean series and a Bollywood action movie. It’s odd, but I realise I’ve gained some amount of popularity in Republic Hall, and I can’t wait to leave this place.

“Isn’t that the boy who received blows at that socializing nu?”

“Eehn I heard he shat himself in front of the hall too, last month.”

“Oh he has suffered o.”

Small education I came to get at Tech.

But that was behind me, hopefully. Next semester is the hall weeks, and I’ve heard the stories of what goes on there. I’m looking forward to my Legon friends coming to fool.

In the meantime, I have exams. Barring any nocturnal activities by my house witches, I should be fine.

So that’s it. This has been my first semester.

Was it amazing? Yes.

Would I trade it for a more peaceful, less dramatic one? Also yes.

But people with house witches can’t be choosers, I guess.