To set the mood for this, kindly look for “Asor” by Kwabena Kwabena to listen to, as you read.

So, here I was: the object of my affections, the girl I had wasted time (and money, Oh lord!) on, gone to faint at the gym for, gone to Adum to buy clothes for! I’d even started using perfume for her, chale!

This girl, standing in front of me, wringing her hands, guilt written on her face, trying to lie to me.

Was that the worst part? Nope.

Standing behind her: my closest friend in school, whom I had confided all my plans to, whom I had signed roll call for, when he skipped class, whom I shared food with when either of us were broke. Hiding behind a tree with Naa.

With MY Naa. Ei Yesu!

“Chale, listen..let me explain. We were just…” Morgan was trying to talk. A ball of fury rose to my throat. What did he think he could possibly say?

“You were what, eh, Morgan? What were you doing?” I shouted. “Was it Scrabble you were playing behind the tree?” Naa flinched as I raised my voice. I didn’t even want to look at her.

“Otu, Otu. Look. This was an accident.” Amazingly, Morgan actually didn’t look ashamed of himself o. The boy was talking like we were discussing the weather.

“Obviously, I didn’t plan this, but we both know I’m not really to blame here.” He paused like he wanted to say more, then stopped.

I was so amazed, my voice actually failed me for a second.
“Are you insane? What is that supposed to mean?” I couldn’t believe this.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small crowd begin to form. Once again, my humiliation was a free public event.

“Chale, you’ve liked this girl like a month and you’ve not had balls to tell her.” He shrugged. “Is it my fault she came to me?”

At that, something just went off in my head. I broke into a run across the distance, my eyes hazed with red. I was going to kill this boy-

But, before then, I should mention a couple of things. First of all, I weigh about 54kg p3.

The last fight I won was with my (female) class prefect in class 3.

Morgan had been gymming for a year. He was at least twice my size, and taller than me.

Did I consider these things as I run at him? Sadly, no.

So what happened next was very fast. I was screaming “AAAAAAAAAH!” as I pumped my feet, readying my hands to smash his head. I got closer and closer, watching his face realise that I meant to fight him.

All of a sudden a fist came out of nowhere, and I heard a crunch, like someone was chewing Digestive biscuit. But the sound had come from my face! I stopped short, doubled over in pain. My nose felt like it was on fire!

I couldn’t help it; I sat on the floor and howled. I was bleeding like a pipe out of my nose, and more importantly, I’d been made a fool of in front of all the medical and pharmacy students. I was beyond humiliated.

All because of a girl who now stood a few paces away, hand over her mouth, shocked. The sight of her infuriated me further. I stood up shakily, prepared to fight till I got knocked out again, if need be.

But Morgan held up his hands.

“Boy, stop. She’s not worth this, chale. I don’t want to fight you.”

But she was worth it to me. Didn’t he see that?

He was right, though. He’d basically just flicked his hand in self-defense, and look at my nose. Fighting him wasn’t the healthy choice. There was only one thing I could do to salvage my dignity. I wiped at the blood on my shirt and, without another word, turned to leave.

There was a wide eyed crowd standing with their phones out, just silently staring at me. I looked defiantly back at them, and dared them to laugh. What else could anybody do to me? I’d already been broken today. I started walking towards them, and a path cleared as I approached.

I was almost through, when a strangled voice shouted out my name.

“Otu! Wait!” It was Naa.

I didn’t turn around.