Founder and leader of Glorious Word Ministry International, Otumfuor Archbishop Prof. Most Very Rev. Bishop Pastor Owusu Bempah on 31st December, 2015, declared his intentions to run the affairs of the nation this year.

This came as a huge surprise to the church and media present, knowing very well the capabilities and incapabilities of the prophet.

In two separate interviews with Radio Bavard and, the prophet said, “I saw in my dream a gun before me and a whole nation behind me and the angel of the Lord said, ‘ye soldier of Christ, rise up and make a coup, for the nation is suffering’.”

He stated that he has been asked to overthrow the ruling government because of the recent increase in fuel prices. He also said that should he not fulfill the work God has sent him to do, God is going to reinstate Dr. Kwabena Donkor into office as Power Minister.

When asked what would be the outcome of the coup, the versatile prophet said Super OD and Jewel Ackah would die because they would be a stumbling block to his mission.

Speaking to Elders Sarkodie and Stonebwoy, it was revealed that the Bishop in previous years makes prophecies at the beginning of the year, many of which are yet to be fulfilled. “This new one therefore comes as a huge surprise to us”, Sarkodie said. Stonebwoi was unable to talk for long because he was late for a prayer meeting.

The prophet is known for making outstanding prophecies for which reason he calls himself ‘The Nation’s Prophet’. In 2014, the man predicted the death of the Asantehene and also said that there would be a bloody coup d’etat in Ghana. In 2013, he predicted that the President, H.E. John Mahama, would pass away. Also in that same year, he declared the opposition party, New Patriotic Party, as victorious in the historic landmark case against the ruling government but that, before that, someone had to die.

Efforts to reach Prof. Dr. Bishop. Rev. Apraku-My-Daughter to give his views on this new prophecy proved futile but the news team was able to reach Dr. Dr. Archbishop Rev. Pastor. Kumchacha, Head of Prophetic Department, University of Ghana, Legon, who said this prophecy is a very sensitive one which is a threat to National Security. However, he has asked Ghanaians to be calm and beware of false prophets because they are all over the place especially during election periods like this.

It will be recalled that the anointed man of God received wide public backlash in 2013 when he referred to Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare as fake.

Speaking to a few Ghanaians on the streets of Kotokuraba, they said, “We live to see whether these new prophecies would come to pass or would join the archives of his numerous unfulfilled prophecies.”

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical piece. Not everything stated may be entirely true.

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