My decision to resort to Uber as a means of transportation was because of past experiences I had with a couple of taxi drivers. Some were rude, others talked too much and one I took the day before was anything but hygienic. The driver smelt like a week old unprocessed fresh fish and the list goes on and on.

My friends; both home and abroad spoke highly of Uber and so I decided to ditch the constant excuse of not having enough space on my phone for more apps. I installed the Uber app and booked my first ride. The fare was astonishing, because I remember paying twice the amount the last time I took a taxi to the same destination. It indicated on my phone that a car was two minutes away from me; that’s to say it was very close.

Before I knew it, a velvet red BMW series pulled over and the screens went down. The driver flashed me a smile and beckoned me to come over. For a moment, I was lost with confusion. That certainly couldn’t have been the car I requested. I hesitantly hopped into the backseat and OMG, the comfort alone was out of this world.

“Are you comfortable?” the driver asked and my confusion heightened. You bet I was driven crazy by his handsomeness. ‘Uhm… yeah, I’m fine”, I sheepishly replied after staring at him for only God knows how long.

“Okay, let’s start our trip then”, he said, maintaining that charming smile.

Minutes after he had started driving, I got lost in thoughts. I wondered how on God’s green earth a man as handsome as him could be this warm and down to earth. Uber certainly do have standards; the state of the car, the service he rendered, his personality…my goodness, everything was out of this world. I took a glance at him one more time and I swore I would have said yes if he’d asked me on a date.

“I’ve got some magazines behind the driver’s seat. You can have a look at them”, his voice broke through my thoughts and I almost spew the words out loud. “Don’t be silly! I’ll rather stare at you forever than bury my face in a godforsaken magazine”. “Thank you”, I replied in a rather melodiously seductive voice.

Within what seemed like two seconds, we arrived at my destination and believe me, I almost lied that I’d left my purse at home so he’ll drive me all the way and back. Who cares about the fare? As long as I’m having an awesome time with the coolest Uber driver, it’ll be worth it.

“Twelve Cedis, please”, he announced in a sweet but professional manner and I cursed whoever invented the code of ethics. Reluctantly, I paid him and dragged my disappointed self out of his car. I watched how he pulled off slowly with such rare gentle masculinity and poise. I registered his car number in my mind and swore to take Uber even to the shortest walking distance. Who knows? I might meet another hot driver, and I’ll make sure to start a conversation if he doesn’t initiate one.