A lot of individuals usually dismiss fiction with the excuse that it is outside reality. However, we forget that every invention, original idea or technology was once upon a time considered fiction. We cannot and should not easily write off fiction, or in the case of this writing, comics, because it holds a lot of truth that is applicable to the reality we go through every day. Today, I want us to take the time to discuss the greatest superhero in DC’s cinematic universe – Batman.

Batman at a very young age was hit with a tragedy, a life changing event that gave him the gift of rationality, iron-clad morality and emotionless clarity of thought throughout the rest of his life. Everything about the stories of Batman points to these abilities – his justified paranoia of anything powerful, his meticulous planning, the contingency plans, the reclusive introverted nature of his personality and his ability to excel in both solo and team work missions. Due to his characteristics that arouse from the childhood tragedy, Batman has become truly incorruptible no matter the odds he faces. The events of Bruce Wayne’s childhood could have been the origin story of any super-villain. Yet, they led to arguably, the most incorruptible and principled character in our comic history.

There have been instances where the other superheroes went haywire but not a single scenario of Batman. Why? Because these heroes are controlled by their emotions (ironically, a very human trait). They have love interests, they have families, they make emotional decisions. There has been an instance in the DC superhero realm where every superhero has had an evil version of him or herself (mostly in multi-dimensional stories). However, Batman is always the one that remains incorruptible in every single one of those stories, in every dimension that those writers dream up, nobody can write a convincing story of an evil Batman.

I know a few will be trying to fit the pieces together; what is this blabber about and why. Well, I am making you aware of some traits that glare at you and you still choose to ignore. And why Batman? Because he is the greatest yet underestimated character in the DC cinematic universe whose life can fit perfectly in a real life situation.

Below are some lessons that can be learned from Batman and be applied in everyday situations.

1. Batman teaches us the power of the human brain. He is nothing more than a human with wits, body and will. His mind is his power; within it lurks a deadly, but perfectly balanced combination of insuperable anguish, indomitable conviction, unparalleled genius and just a sprinkling of mental instability.

2. He makes it clear that anyone can be anything as long as you have ambition. When you are brilliant, you are a dreamer and an achiever, you can be anything you want to be. We do not need to be Kryptonian or to be bitten by radioactive spider to become a superhero. We need a strong discipline and firm willpower to become a hero. Batman represents an idea, he represents the act of being resolute.

3. Batman never gives up. He has human limitations and weakness, but that doesn’t stop him from doing what is right. When encountered with guys who were stronger than him in strength and had superpowers, he didn’t back off, he definitely kicked ass.

4. He has a strict morality code, he lives by his rules. He can kill anyone if he wants to, but he chooses not to. That’s what separates him from what he’s fighting against. He seeks justice, not revenge. And that is what we should all strive towards.

5. Knowing and feeling pain has the potential of making or breaking us and Batman has had his share of what pain feels like. He knows what loss is, he has suffered a lot of pain in his life. He saw his parents getting killed and then he swore an oath to rid the Gotham city of the evil that had taken his parents’ lives. Most of us have felt disappointments, have had our hearts broken, have been lied to and have lost dear ones. Channeling this pain towards positivity is a sure way of bringing out the best in us than in any situation and Batman is a manifestation of this characteristic.

On a concluding note I will say Batman has proven to the word that it is not by size or talent that you win or lose. Strong will, patience, steadfast and a lot of traits which has escaped me contribute to making a change. You don’t need some supernatural power to effect a change in your life, what you need above all else is self-discipline and the desire to be the change you seek.

I am an unorthodox renegade, I speak and write about the odious.

Kweku Agyeman Duah



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