“It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it?” I asked, trying very hard to sound like the gentleman I was not. She remained quiet and stared at me blankly in a way that slowly ate away my sense of time. She had the most wonderful eyes I had ever seen and merely walking with me gave me much pride and a huge sense of accomplishment. I knew I was lucky to be her friend. Yes, a friend. That was what she said we would ever be… nothing more than friends but something less if I failed her criteria for friendship. After what seemed like eternity in my world, with the voice that sounded and resounded as music, she finally responded to my earlier question about the beauty of the night: “Yes, Prince.” I shook my head in the dark.

There was something about the beautiful lady I was walking with. It wasn’t her beauty, for it could not be matched by any of the gorgeous ladies I have been fortunate to behold.

I vividly recall the very first day my eyes beheld this ravishingly captivating diva pacing back and forth as if lost or searching for something dire (like love?) in front of my faculty as I stared in awe. Then in what felt like a dream, her head turned towards me. She was coming towards me. My heart skipped beats. My aura felt surreal. I was what one would describe as ‘uneasy’. She seemed to flow towards me with a grace possessed by royalty. Her silk white t-shirt and matching blue jeans radiated the colors of the rainbow and her hair accentuated the beauty of her face. If I am not mistaken, she looked exactly like the secretary of the gods.

“Hey! Please, I want to go to the examinations office. Can you help me?” she asked. I was shocked. Wait, was she talking to me? For some seconds, my body refused to respond. It was like I was dead and on my way to the afterlife. Then her voice sounded again, “Hello?”

The silky voice defibrillated my shock-blocked heart. Feeling really embarrassed, I apologized and asked to repeat herself. I showed her the place after that. Then she thanked me and left. I knew that was the last time i was going to see her. But as if nature wanted us to be, I met her in my second lecture later on in the day. I asked for her name after the class. And that was the beginning of our great friendship.

We had planned a lovely date tonight and I didn’t want to mess it up in any way. I knew I had to ‘bring her mind home’.

“Hey, I erm… No… my grandmother told me a story about the moon and the stars in the big sky. I want to tell it to you. I know you will love it,” I stated, stammering in-between.

“Prince, really? I quite remember you telling me your grandmother died long before you were born,” she retorted, much to my disappointment. I needed to salvage the situation. This was my game and I couldn’t let her win. I had to think fast.

“Ermm, you see, yes but I am talking of my mother’s mom. It was my dad’s mom I said was dead,” I said coyly.

“Ooh okay. So what do you want to tell me? I am all ears. But I hope you don’t manufacture those fairy tales in your head,” she replied.

“Ooh Jessy, my stories are not fairy tales. They are true. If I must say, you are too innocent for prevarication. I am only a helpless man under your spell. So I can never flatter nor tell you fairy tales as you like to put it,” I quickly said in response feeling more enthusiastic.

“Eeei Mr. Poet. I hear you. So what did your grandma tell you?”

By now, we had reached the shade of the tree I had chosen as the altar of consummation of our love. It was a cool place. The moon was shining down on us. And the wind, I just can’t describe how it meandered its way across our faces. This was just right; my chance to preach to her the gospel of my love.

So I began.

“It is said that long ago, in the kingdom of the big blue sky, there lived two sisters, sun and moon. They were the prettiest and most wonderful maidens in all of the big blue sky. They loved each other very much and one wouldn’t go anywhere without the other. Every suitor in the sky wanted to win their hearts. They did all they could but could not separate them. All the suitors were let down. They just wouldn’t leave each other let alone love any other person than themselves.
“The story of the love and bond they shared reached the ends of the kingdom. As many lost hope, two friends who lived in two different parts of the kingdom, found a way to meet and plan how they would win the hearts of the damsels. These friends were Star and White cloud. White Cloud lived in the town called Day and Star lived in a town called Night. After many efforts had failed, they were almost on the verge of giving up when the father of White cloud gave him a wonderful idea. They agreed to try it but vowed to give up on the women if the plan failed.”

To be continued…

Writer: Prince George, PharmD student, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.



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